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10 pets that can not be started in New York

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Many people know that it’s impossible to have a lion or a whale as a pet in New York - for fairly obvious reasons. However, according to the laws of the city, there are still a few animals that can not be kept as a pet, and the reasons are not so obvious, so many do not know about this ban, writes NBC .

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1. Ferret

In the US, many people own ferrets, but since 1999, they are banned in New York. The former mayor of the city, Rudi Giuliani, introduced this ban due to problems with frequent rabies of these animals. In 2015, Mayor De Blasio’s administration considered lifting the ban, but as a result, it remained in force.

2. Iguana

Keeping these reptiles as pets is prohibited in New York.

3. Pig

Cute mini pigs have conquered the Internet and are becoming increasingly popular in the US as pets. However, not in New York: in this city it is prohibited to keep any kind of pig as a pet. In fact, this ban applies to most farm animals.

4. Hedgehog

The popularity of these animals on the Internet is growing, but their maintenance as pets is illegal in many US states. This is due to their cute, but dangerous needles that can harm the owner if the animal gets scared.

5. Some species of turtles

Keeping turtles shorter than 10 cm is prohibited in New York City. Crocodiles and alligators are also prohibited.

6. Some species of snakes

Vipers, cobras, pythons, anacondas and many other snakes are banned as pets in New York.

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7. Tarantulas

Tarantulas are one of the many poisonous breeds of spiders banned in New York as pets. “Black widows” are also prohibited.

8. Monkey

All primates, chimpanzees and gorillas were banned.

9. Ducks

Do not rush to carry home a cute fluffy duckling from the park - this is a forbidden pet in New York.

10. Eagles

The ban applies to all types of eagles.

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