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13 Things You Shouldn't Do in New York


Source: Destination tips

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New York is called the greatest city in the world. More than 8 million people live here and more than 54 million tourists visit it annually. But before you consider yourself an expert city, you should learn about 13 things you should not do in New York. This list is from Destination tips will help you pass for a native.

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1. Buy a sandwich in Subway
There are many places in New York where you can try fresh delicacies. Therefore, you should avoid eateries such as Subway. Better try the food at a local eatery like Artie's Delicatessen on Broadway and 82 Street or Katz, one of the most famous eateries in the city, which has become a real tourist mecca.

2. Enter the empty subway car
If you come to visit the city and at rush hour you see an empty car in the subway, then do not enter it. Most likely there is a reason why there are no people in the car, or the air conditioning does not work, or something else is wrong.

3. Stop on the sidewalk
More than eight million people consider New York to be their home, so you can imagine how many people walk on the sidewalks and rush on business. You should not behave like a tourist who stops in the middle of the sidewalk and looks around. Please stand aside to study the map or take photos, do not interfere with the rapid flow of people.

4. Make long conversations
We recommend avoiding talking to strangers on the street or in the subway. The city looks friendly, and shop owners and taxi drivers will be happy to help you, but ordinary pedestrians are usually in a hurry. Some may like to show the way, but only to prove how well they know the city.

5. Eat in chain restaurants
Local shun Times Square. This area is a tourist trap with many restaurants and souvenir shops.

6. Limit Your Visit to Manhattan
Manhattan is a fascinating place, but besides it there is a minimum of 4 district, which is worth exploring. Visit Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn or Staten Island and discover unique New York. In addition, prices in restaurants and shops are much lower.

7. Pay per tour to the Statue of Liberty
Do not pay for expensive tours to the Statue of Liberty. Instead, take a ferry to Staten Island. 50-minute free round trip passes by most attractions.

8. Do not go to the museum due to admission fees
Few people know, but the entrance fee to the museum is a recommendation. You do not have to pay the full amount, you can pay as much as you think is necessary.

9. Use an ATM inside the store
Some store owners who do not accept credit card payments have ATMs inside. But you should not withdraw cash there, since you have to pay a commission. Somewhere nearby there will be an ATM, which will give cash without a fee.

10. Think you can safely cross the street
Never assume that the street can be crossed safely. Tourists often underestimate the speed of movement of local residents and traffic. Observe the rules of the road and do not walk on the bike lane.

11. Tell the taxi driver where you are going.
You should not tell the taxi driver where you are going before you get in the car. Especially you should not do this with 16: 00 to 17: 00 on weekdays. Taxi drivers may say that they do not take such long orders or find another reason. Catch a taxi, get into it, and then tell the taxi driver where you should go. But it is better to use public transport, as in a taxi you can just get stuck in a traffic jam.

12. Be the victim of a scam
There are a lot of scammers in New York who will try to fool you. Always be alert and watch your wallet.

13. Overpriced hotels
There are many hotels available far from Manhattan. Explore hotels in Brooklyn or Long Island City.

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