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15 Unique Habits People Pick Up After Living in New York


Nadezhda Verbitskaya

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Before moving to New York, many have a preconceived notion of who a New Yorker is, what he does, and what his life is like. Time out. But as soon as people learn the rules of the city from personal experience, they change. They become a product of its atmosphere and pick up habits they once rolled their eyes at or didn't understand. Here are some typical New York habits.

1. Order takeaway most days

All of us in this beautiful city are busy with work, and cooking has become a luxury for most of us. Ordering food saves time and nerves, although it costs money.

“When I moved here, I heard about how many people order delivery and takeaway. And I thought I would never do this more than once a week, now I order food on most days of the week, ”wrote one of the residents of the city in a thread about the habits of New Yorkers.

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2. Brazenly asking people how much they pay for rent

In most other places, talking about money and how much someone pays for rent is unacceptable. But in New York, they quickly realized that manners take a backseat when we talk about rental prices, because they are so damn high! We are always looking for the best deals and love to check how much other people are paying for their accommodation.

3. Don't get into Times Square at all costs

Times Square used to be so magical! Glittering lights, a sea of ​​ads, and all those people frozen in awe... until you've spent a lot of time trying to get through the crowd. Times Square attracts tourists, so there is always not crowded.

4. Walking at top speed anywhere, anytime

New Yorkers cut through the streets at the speed of light, it seems that they are constantly in a hurry.

“That doesn't necessarily mean I'm in a hurry. Just brisk walking shortens the time. And I always plan my transition from point A to point B according to my brisk walking speed. I don't adjust to your walking pace, so move the hell out of the way!" - wrote a resident of the city with the nickname Throwaway21202021.

5. Late dinner

Dinner at 20:30 or 21:00 seemed very late before moving to New York, but now everything has changed. New Yorkers are too busy working late, or simply absorbed in the life of the city, so you have to eat dinner when you are free.

6. Leave the subway through an emergency exit

Everyone knows that emergency exits are for emergencies. But it only takes a large crowd of passengers or one subway ride with a big bag to realize that emergency exits can be used at any time.

“Yeah, I once told tourists they could use the emergency door to get their strollers in when I saw them fighting the turnstiles,” wrote user smallmacaroni. They said: “But is it possible?”. I helped them through the emergency exit with the wheelchair. They were genuinely concerned.”

7. Don't react to crazy situations

New Yorkers are completely unflappable. If you saw some strange situation on the street, then it's just another day in New York.

“I saw a drunk high school student on a bus a couple of days ago. And it's not even the strangest thing I've seen on the bus,” admitted redqueenhypo.

8. Expect everything to be within walking distance

When you live here for a while, you get used to the very New York concept of convenience. Do you need anything? - You can find it within walking distance. When it doesn't, we get upset.

9. Canvas bags

The importance of our canvas bags is underestimated. They may appear fragile. But they're perfect for the vast array of things we want to take with us, and they're easy to carry.

10. Crossing the road at a red light

For anyone new to the city, this habit of longtime New Yorkers is a bit of a shock, but it quickly becomes second nature. Why should we wait for the light to change? If there is no traffic on the road, we cross it.

11. Binding to the area

It's easy to think that when you live in New York, visiting other areas won't be a problem. But after a while, we begin to define our plans for how far we need to travel from our areas. And we don't leave our neighborhoods on weekends.

12. Brunch

It may seem unnecessary and expensive at first, but it quickly becomes a ritual that New Yorkers do every Sunday (or Saturday).

13. Take off your shoes at the door

Americans usually walk around the apartment in street shoes. But not New Yorkers. New Yorkers, regardless of their culture or background, take off their shoes at the front door. Once you see how fucking dirty the sidewalks are, there's no going back. A lesser known but regular practice throughout New York is taking off your "street clothes" when you get home.

14. Complaining about a subway train that left right in front of you.

It doesn't matter if someone else arrives. We hate missing the subway train and always complain about it to anyone who will listen. This may annoy those who have not lived here. But that's because we don't know when the next train will arrive, but we know that it probably won't be soon. The shortage of trains made us grumpy.

15. Meet in emergencies

New Yorkers are ready to jump in to help if they think the situation is significant.

“The old lady needs help to carry heavy things across the street? - I understand, grandmother, I'm already running. A drunk NYU student tries to get out of a taxi and it starts to move before she's completely out? “Jump in front of this cab to stop it before she loses a limb!” - wrote a resident of the city under the nickname queenservingfacts. “I think that’s why New Yorkers have a reputation for being kind but not nice.”

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