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20 rules of life in New York


Source: Timeout new york

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To each New Yorker the unobtrusive reminder of etiquette will not interfere, regardless of whether it has moved recently or has grown here. We present a few rules and tips to make life in New York a little more pleasant, starting with Metro and ending pizza.

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  1. If you find a great apartment, grab it.

This is one of the most important moments. Finding a new place to live is challenging and demotivating, and many people have to revisit many disgusting apartments before finding their new home. But if you managed to find your "unicorn" on the site Craigslistor a broker showed you something with a stable rental, grab it immediately. Do not ask for a couple of days to think - if the accommodation is good, it will be taken away instantly, and you will never see anything like it again.

  1. Find “your” bar

The city is huge, and new trendy bars open in it every day, but you need to find your hole in which you will be at home. It is also good to have a place where you can go cry at the bar counter and where you know well enough to pour once or twice at the expense of the establishment.

  1. Look both ways when crossing a one-way street.

It's not just safer - New York cyclists can literally fall on you at 100 miles per hour (about 160 km / h) from either side. They can even fall from the sky at that speed. And in general, just be aware of the existence of unexpected bike lanes.

  1. Learn how to pack for the day.

To go home between work and dinner, school and happy hours, or something else you are unlikely to succeed with your schedule. Due to the fact that all these events probably will not occur within one small area (and to return to Brooklyn before the meeting does not make any sense at all), you need to be fully armed.

  1. Carry cash

This is simply a fact of life in New York: most mobile eateries and convenience stores, and even many restaurants do not accept payment cards. Yes, this is not very convenient, and yes, you will have to pay a fee for withdrawing from an ATM, but just learn how to anticipate such needs and withdraw cash as soon as possible.

  1. Find the best spot with bagels, pizza and a shop near the house and work

There you will find support when it is nowhere else. In addition, when guests come to you, these points will be useful to you.

  1. Know the story

New York is not only new, it's cool the old. Explore your area for restaurants, clubs and cultural venues that help us connect with the city's storied past so you can get more out of New York.

  1. Find not the most popular parks

There are so many beautiful places in New York outside of Central Park that will help you stay sane. For example, Bryant Park (not entirely "unpopular", but very beautiful!), Fort Green, Riverside Park and Fort Tryon Park. Find the closest one to your habitat and have fun.

  1. Learn the real names of areas of the city and remember those that you should never say.

Soho, Tribeca, Dumbo are all good. But if you try to say BoCoCa, SoHa or SpaHa - we will kill you.

  1. Always tip your barista

Tipping is a big part of the salaries of many employees of New York coffee shops, and if this reason is not enough, then another thing: if you do it regularly enough, you will feel an improvement in the taste of your drinks.

  1. Master the art of crossing the street in the wrong place

This is partly the art of performance in New York, partly a vital skill for those who do not want everywhere be late. Just everyone here does it.

  1. Eat absolutely all

It makes no sense to live in such a culinary and diverse city, if you do not want to at least try everything that you are given.

  1. Distinguish between the rudeness and the usual behavior of a New Yorker.

In fact, New Yorkers are very friendly and have an innate desire to help - we just don’t have time at all. Therefore, before you get mad, learn to distinguish between a New Yorker (you ask him how to go somewhere, and he shouts instructions to you in the face, without even stopping) and a rude New Yorker (he takes up additional space in a crowded subway its big bag). On this you can psihanut.

  1. Drive at the speed of pedestrians around you.

Tourists, we love you. But for God's sake, if you cannot walk as fast as we all, please step aside. We need to get somewhere, meet someone, attend important meetings. New York is hard to catch up with, so if you can't - no problem, just move on.

  1. Always know crossroads

In terms of addresses, New Yorkers speak by streets, not by house numbers. Your taxi driver has no idea where the 129 house is located on West 81, so help the guy and call him just a street junction.

  1. Don't waste time standing in line

Do everything in your power to prepare for the moment when the queue reaches you - in a store, coffee shop or even in the subway. Remove your phone, take out your wallet and do not block the turnstile in search of your travel card. The people behind you will be grateful (for not beating you).

  1. Explore the bus network in New York

Do not be afraid to ride the bus. Sometimes they are much faster to get to their destination. And your phone works in them!

  1. Behave yourself on the subway

All you need a knife, fork or chopsticks, you do not need to eat in the subway. Trivia and nuances mean a lot when traveling by public transport, so take off your backpack, don’t apply makeup or cut nails, don’t wave your hair before anyone’s nose and, for God's sake, don’t hold the door for a friend who still needs to buy a new pass.

  1. Always turn right

If you and someone else go straight on top of each other on the sidewalk, you should both deviate to the right. Otherwise, you will rush in the same direction for 30 seconds, and then you will run into each other.

  1. Learn to eat on the go

We all do that here, and we are damn good at it. If you can't walk down the street while twisting a slice of pizza in your mouth and talking about how awful yesterday was a date through tinder, you will not stay here for long.


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