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30+ Places in New York to Get a Birthday Gift


Alina Prikhodko

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When it comes to celebrating a birthday, why not take what is offered to you as a gift? New York City is absolutely overflowing with fantastic free treats that are sure to make your day more fun and sweeter.

From cookies and cupcakes to soup and guacamole, the Big Apple has an endless supply of fabulous free birthday treats. Secret nyc We have compiled a list of places where gifts await you without any additional conditions.

To receive most of these gifts, you need to sign up for the brand's rewards program at least a month before your birthday.


Free fast food and drinks

  • Au bon pain - cookie;
  • Auntie anne's – pretzel;
  • Buffalo Wild Wings – 6 wings;
  • Cava $9 credit;
  • Chick-fil-A – cookies or cake;
  • Chip City - cookie;
  • Chipotle – chips and guacamole (you must purchase something for at least $5);
  • Chopt Salad – $5 discount;
  • Crumbl Cookies - cookie;
  • DIG - dessert;
  • Dominque Ansel – a croissant and a small cup of coffee;
  • fresh&co – $10 for expenses;
  • Gong Cha – $5 discount on a drink;
  • Krispy Kreme – a box of original glazed donuts;
  • Kung Fu Tea – birthday drink up to $6;
  • Liberty Bagel – a rainbow bagel with cream cheese for your birthday;
  • Mom – $10 for expenses;
  • Melt Shop - dessert;
  • Moe's – burrito;
  • Ole and Steen – small cake;
  • PLNT Burger - milkshake;
  • smash burger - milkshake;
  • Sprinkle Cupcakes - cake;
  • Starbucks – one handmade drink or one dish, or one ready-made drink in a bottle.

Restaurant offers

  • AweSum Dim Sum – free peach bun;
  • 99 Favorite Taste – free hot hot pot.

Beauty gifts

  • Aveda – free 30 ml of aromatic nourishing oil for washing;
  • Bare Minerals – gift (without additional conditions);
  • Bath & body works – free body care product;
  • Benefit Cosmetics – free eyebrow correction;
  • Sephora – gift (without additional conditions);
  • Ulta – a gift (without additional conditions).
Photo: Gustova
  • QC NY Spa – free entry for the birthday person, provided that he is accompanied by another guest who pays for entry;
  • Soul Cycle - free lesson.
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