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5 convenient online grocery delivery services in New York



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In the context of the coronavirus epidemic, many New Yorkers will obviously prefer to stop visiting crowded places, including shops. About where it is more convenient and profitable to shop online with home delivery, you will learn from this publication. Useful information shared edition Business Insider.

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In New York, it’s easy to find a grocery store where you can buy fresh groceries and household items. Finding the store is perhaps the easiest task when shopping in a city with a population of 8,6 million people, the author writes.

However, in the modern world there are innovative solutions that deprive you of the need to spend time and nerves shopping at work after work or on weekends.

For example, there are several excellent grocery delivery services. They differ among themselves in the cost of services, as well as in special promotions and offers. Below you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each of these five services.

5 convenient online grocery delivery services in New York:

  1. FreshDirect

Benefits. This service offers the best balance between cost, convenience, variety and ease of shopping.

Note. As of March 12, 2020, FreshDirect reported delivery delays and limited availability of some products. Consider this if you decide to use this service.

According to the company's website, for reasons of caution, the staff delivers purchases only to the client's door, without entering the buyer's house or apartment. “In addition, we will not be collecting bags during this time. Please store and reuse them or dispose of them appropriately, ”the message also says.

How it works. Create a free account in less than a minute. Then start adding items to your cart. The site is clearly organized into various categories - this makes it easy to create shopping lists and organize frequently purchased items.

For morning or early afternoon delivery (two-hour time interval), you must place your order before 18:00 the day before. For late day or evening delivery (also a two-hour time interval), you need to place an order until 23:00 the day before.


  • $ 5,99 for delivery with a minimum order of $ 30. FreshDirect receives dairy products and meat directly from the supplier, but also offers popular food brands: Pillsbury, Stonyfield Organic and Boar's Head. Here you can find everything you usually buy in a store, including alcohol.

Price comparison. Fuji Apples cost $ 1,75 a piece (organic only), chicken breast $ 5,99 a pound (0,4 kg), a dozen large white eggs $ 3,49.

Special programs and discounts. The company offers to use the FreshDirect loyalty program. To become a member, you need to make 12 orders or spend an average of $ 500 each calendar month for any three-month period. Benefits include preferred access to delivery, special service and exclusive discounts.

Membership in the DeliveryPass program gives you unlimited free delivery options. It costs $ 79 for six months, or $ 129 a year.

See the details here.

  1. Peapod

Advantages. This is the best shopping assistant, there are promotional programs and discounts.

Note. Beginning March 12, Peapod will limit the selection of certain items to five per order. This list includes: health and beauty care products, cleaning products, paper products (including toilet paper, paper towels and Lysol napkins), hand sanitizers. A warning is posted on the company's website that orders may be changed at the time of receipt or delivery. “We recommend that you check with your local Stop & Shop for specific stock levels before placing your order,” the message says.

How it works. Create a free account, then start shopping. You can browse products by category or use features such as Order Genius and Express Shop. Order Genius analyzes your past purchases to recommend products you like. Express Shop quickly generates results based on your product list.

Peapod offers special discounts of up to $ 5 during certain two-hour delivery intervals throughout the week. If you have a flexible approach to the moment of receiving the order, use this function. It also allows you to plan delivery up to two weeks in advance.


  • You can pick up orders for free in selected areas.
  • The commission for delivery on orders from $ 30 to $ 75 is $ 9,95.
  • $ 7,95 is a commission for the delivery of orders ranging from $ 75 to $ 100.
  • for the delivery of goods in the amount of $ 100 or more you will pay $ 6,95.

Product Offers. Peapod offers a wide range of popular brands, as well as products of its own production.

Price comparison. Fuji apples are $ 0,75 a piece, chicken breast is $ 2,99 a pound (0,4 kg), a dozen large white eggs are $ -1,99.

Special programs and discounts. Beginners will receive a $ 20 discount and free shipping on their first order, as well as free shipping on subsequent orders of $ 60 or more for the first 60 days.

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In addition to weekly promotions, the PodPass program also helps to save money. It provides an opportunity to save on monthly delivery fees. The best option is a ticket worth $ 55 per year, which is valid for delivery from Tuesday to Thursday.

See the details You can here.

  1. Instacart

Advantages. This is the best place to shop in the local markets and in the group.

Note. Starting March 12th, Instacart is providing all customers with a Leave at Door feature, a smart option for those in quarantine. You will receive a photo to confirm that your products have been delivered.

The company also sent customers an email urging them to leave a large tip in gratitude for the delivery in a public health emergency.

As of March 13, Instacart was experiencing website outages due to high customer demand. However, as reported by the company itself, they are already solving these problems.

How it works. Instacart combines local supermarkets on one platform. Create a free account, then select your store to start shopping. In New York, these are: Costco, Fairway, Whole Foods, Morton Williams, and CVS.

The platform allows you to select reserve points in case the product you want to order is sold out or is not available. You will also have an assistant who will contact you to inform you that these products are not available, therefore they have been replaced.

The service offers both fast delivery (per hour) and the ability to plan purchases a week in advance. Shipping charges may increase during popular hours. Delivery time depends on the opening hours of your local store.

Instacart is a great grocery delivery option for people who make group purchases. For example, you can team up with your neighbors and place a general order.

Tariffs. Shipping cost depends on the size of your order and the selected delivery time. The minimum order amount is $ 10.

Product Offers. Prices on the Internet may differ from the prices in the store, but you can find the policy of each store regarding price adjustments called the store.

Price comparison. Fuji apples, chicken breasts, dozens of white eggs in different stores may vary.

Special programs and discounts. Instacart compiles the coupons of each store on the store page so that they are easy to find and use.

Instacart Express offers an annual membership of $ 99 for free shipping and reduced service charges for all orders over $ 35. You can use the free two-week trial version of the program.

See the details You can on this site.

  1. AmazonFresh

Advantages. This is the best way to get products from Whole Foods.

Note. As of March 12, AmazonFresh was experiencing limited availability of some products. Please keep this in mind if you plan to place an order.

How it works. Only members of Prime (register here for a free trial) are eligible to use Amazon's product delivery service. After you add AmazonFresh to your account, you can start making purchases.

There are two types of delivery: Attended and Doorstep. Attended Delivery is an hourly slot where you receive your order in a paper bag, while Doorstep Delivery is a two to three hour slot where your order is issued in temperature controlled bags.


  • $ 9,99 shipping charge for orders up to $ 50.
  • Free shipping on orders over $ 50.
  • Free pickup of ordered products.

Product Offers. The biggest advantage of using AmazonFresh is the ability to purchase products in a full range of stores. If you like organic and natural products, then in the store you will find a large selection for ordering. The Local Market category features products from manufacturers such as Maple Hill Creamery, Tate's and Junior's Cheesecake.

Price comparison. A Fuji apple costs $ 0,76, chicken breast costs $ 4,14 per pound (0,4 kg), and a dozen large white eggs costs $ 2,48.

Special programs and discounts. Coupons often change and are available in different categories in the "Fresh Deals" section.

See the details You can here.

  1. Foodkick

Advantages. There is a possibility of delivery on the same day.

Note. Starting March 12, FoodKick has been giving customers the opportunity to donate to NY Common Pantry, whose mission is to fight hunger and promote health and self-reliance in New York's most vulnerable communities.

How it works. Create a free account in less than a minute or log in using your FreshDirect account information (these are sister companies). Then start adding products to your cart.


  • $ 4,99 for delivery with a minimum order of $ 30;
  • $ 5,99 for fast delivery (hour) with a minimum order of $ 30.

Product Offers... The FreshDirect nursing service is a more curated and localized approach to grocery shopping. “It offers a wide variety of categories, but each has fewer options, they target smaller brands, and we found they tend to be more expensive than options at other grocery stores,” the author notes. FoodKick currently only serves New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens), so you can find city favorites like Donut Plant and Baked by Melissa.

Price comparison... Fuji apples are $ 1,12, chicken breast is $ 6,99 a pound (0,4 kg), and a dozen large white eggs are $ 3,29.

Special programs and discounts. First customers receive 30 days of free shipping.

As with FreshDirect, the DeliveryPass membership with FoodKick ($ 9,99 per month) gives you an unlimited amount of free shipping. If you are a frequent customer, this will save you on fees. If you are already a member of DeliveryPass through FreshDirect, the shipping cost is only $ 2 per order.

See the details you can on this Online.

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