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Adams urged New Yorkers to settle immigrants to their homes: in social networks he was offered to start with his residence


Olga Derkach

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams has proposed housing immigrants in private residences to deal with the influx of immigrants into the city. Writes about it Daily Mail.

The announcement came when Adams announced a partnership with New York City meeting houses to provide immigrants with a place to live throughout the city.

“My vision is to place them first in these religious places and then let them into private residences. There are vacant rooms there,” Adams said.

Adams said that when the church program is fully operational, they will be able to take in up to 1000 asylum seekers at a time.

More than 2022 migrants have arrived in New York since April 70 after the governors of Republican states like Texas and Florida sent buses to the liberal-led city.

Adams noted that he believes the offer of private homes will benefit New Yorkers in the long run.

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“There are residents who are now suffering due to economic problems, they have extra rooms, they have places,” the mayor said. “If we can find a way around the 30-day rule and other government-imposed rules, we can take the $4,2 billion we potentially have to spend and put it back into the pockets of every New Yorker.”

The mayor's proposal to relocate illegal immigrants to private homes has sparked outrage among New Yorkers who believe the city's taxpayers are already overwhelmed by the crisis.

"Will Eric Adams be able to lead by example and accommodate illegal immigrants in his new private residence?" — said one of the users of Twitter.

"The Gracie Mansion can hold quite a lot," said another, referring to the mayor's historic private residence overlooking the East River.

"I'm sure he'll lead by example, won't he?" wrote another person.

Mentioning his hopes for private residences, Adams claims that his church plan will allow money to be returned to local houses of worship.

The deal, which Adams announced on June 5, will allow 50 houses of worship in the area to host up to 19 adult males each night.

Each night will cost the city about $125.

“No matter what faith you profess, caring for those in need is part of every spiritual tradition,” Adams said.

The mayor of New York said the partnership is necessary because the current level of illegal immigrants arriving in the city is unbelievable.

He also asked the federal government for help in the current situation.

Earlier this year, Adams visited the US-Mexico border and called the situation a "catastrophe" that needs to be addressed at the federal level.

The visit comes after the governors of Republican-led states like Florida and Texas began bringing migrants to New York in 2022.

In late May, Adams called for immigrants to be sent to every major American city.

Adams has reopened many of the city's closed hotels and turned them into migrant shelters to deal with the influx of asylum seekers in late 2022 and early 2023.

However, Adams noted that it was "not the burden of one city" and offered a general solution.

“We have 108 cities, villages, settlements,” he said. “If everyone takes a small part on themselves, and if this is coordinated at the border to ensure that those who come here to this country legally actually move throughout the country, then it will not be the burden of just one city.”

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