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Adams is supported by only 28% of New Yorkers, the lowest figure of any city mayor.


Alina Prikhodko

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Eric Adams's approval rating, according to poll Quinnipiac, published on December 6, fell to a measly 28%. This is the lowest number for a New York mayor since the university began polling voters, reports New York Post.

The mayor's low support amid a massive migrant crisis and a federal investigation into the campaign is nine points below the 37% he scored in February and three points below former Mayor Mike Bloomberg's previous poll low of 31% in 2003.

A poll of registered New York voters found that nearly two-thirds of voters (58%) disapproved of Adams' job performance.

“There is a real sense of unease and voters are unhappy. There is no good news for Mayor Adams in this poll. Voters not only give him poor grades for the job he does at City Hall, their opinion of his character has deteriorated,” said assistant director Mary Snow of the Quinnipiac College Poll, which first began conducting approval polls for the New York City mayor in 1996.

“While the city faces widespread budget cuts, addressing the problem migrant crisis, headlines about federal investigation into mayor's 2021 campaign and allegations in sexual harassment, brought against him 30 years ago, do not give rest.”

How do residents evaluate the mayor's work?

The mayor's only positive rating came from black voters: 48% approved of his job performance, compared with 38% who gave him a thumbs down. Just 35% of fellow Democrats overall said he was doing a good job, while 49% disapproved.

60% are not satisfied with his work on crime, and only 33% approve. It's a worrying sign that he is entering the midterms of his mayoralty and is making public safety a top priority in his successful bid for mayor in 2021.
66% disapprove of his handling of the migrant crisis, and 72% gave his handling of homelessness a thumbs down. 53% disapprove of the mayor's work with public schools, while 31% approve.

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However, only 40% said he has strong leadership skills, and 56% said the mayor does not understand their problems. Only a third of voters consider him honest and trustworthy, while 54% do not.

Asked about federal investigation On whether foreign money poured into his campaign, 52% said Adams did something illegal or unethical, 20% said he did nothing wrong, and the rest were undecided.

Voters were also divided over whether Adams was being truthful in his denial of sexual assault allegations. Mainly against Adams, as the survey showed, are his proposed budget and the migrant crisis.

83% of respondents are at least somewhat concerned that budget cuts to police, schools, health services and social services will affect their daily lives.

Adams' spokesman denied the poll results.

“Flawed polls pop up every day, but the real numbers are undeniable: Crime is down, jobs are up, and we continue to put billions of dollars into the pockets of working people,” said Adams spokesman Fabien Levy. “There will always be more work to do, but there is no doubt that the city has improved under Mayor Adams’ leadership.”

Other polls by Marist College and others also show his public approval falling, and one GOP poll says former Gov. Andrew Cuomo will beat him by 20 points. democratic elections mayor in 2025.

Quinnipiac surveyed 1297 registered New York City voters from November 30 to December 4. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 2,7 percentage points.

Mayor's allies

“Working people have a true ally in Mayor Eric Adams. From day one, Mayor Adams and his administration have worked to build a city that works for everyone: creating good-paying union jobs, keeping the city safe and building the affordable housing workers deserve,” said Manny Pastreich, Service Employees. International Union Local 32BJ, representing thousands of multifamily workers.

Katherine Wild, President of the Partnership of New York City, said: “New Yorkers who pay attention to what is happening in cities across America understand how fortunate we are to have Mayor Adams as our leader in this challenging post-COVID era. 19. The city has regained nearly 1 million jobs lost during the pandemic, added nearly 40 new businesses in the five boroughs over the past two years, and done it all while tackling the nation's migrant crisis with very little help from the federal government."

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