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Where to Rent a Vacation Rental: 6 Platforms Beyond Airbnb


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Airbnb has long been a popular platform for vacation rentals and short-term stays. However, it does have some disadvantages. Travel Leisure has prepared a selection of reliable alternative services for renting housing. They are distinguished by high quality of services, ease of use, as well as unusual and original design of the premises.


If endless scrolling of sites by rent housing has come to nothing, these platforms will be an appropriate solution.

“Homeowners post their ads with us because they want to offer housing guests who value interior design,” noted Mark Blaser, CEO and co-founder of Boutique, one of several style listing sites around the world. “These offerings are completely different from what you will find on most platforms.”

High design experts

Shop When compiling her portfolio, she uses the experience and knowledge of architects, designers, and photographers.

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It includes properties such as a winemaker's estate in Tuscany, a mid-century modern villa in Hawaii, and homes designed by renowned architects such as Richard Neutra and John Pawson.

South African art

Cape Town entrepreneur Elana Brundin used her connections in the art world to create a platform Art House Collection. The site features restored Cape Dutch ranches and art-adorned seaside villas in South Africa and beyond.

Scandinavian specialists

Norwegian newcomer A-one has a super specific direction. The platform offers luxury apartments in the most prestigious areas of Oslo, including the Bjørvika waterfront and the Frogner district.

Let's say a remarkable two-bedroom apartment is located a stone's throw from the Oslo Opera House. The apartment has a staircase that leads down to the fjord for easy early morning swimming.

Interior architecture

Designed by Polish-British interior architect Marta Nowicka, DOMstay has more than 30 stunning apartments, cottages and villas in the UK. Many of them were designed by Novitskaya herself.

One example is a restored Edwardian warehouse in London's Clerkenwell. Today it is a sparkling three-bedroom apartment.


South Korean architectural studio Z_Lab created Stayfolio. The platform features dozens of upscale hotels in places like Busan, Jeju and Seoul.

“We approach the hospitality industry with a focus on design and spatial awareness,” explained platform founder Sang Mook Lee. He clarified that many rental properties are located in restored hanoks (traditional Korean houses).

Country rest

Focusing on Ireland and the UK, Chicken specializes in self-contained cabins, renovated barns and cozy cottages. His portfolio includes modern accommodations, including glass-walled lodgings in Hastings, England, and fun finds, such as a converted minibus that is now a chic studio apartment in England's Lake District.

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