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An Albanian actor and his wife jumped off the 6th floor while their two sons were in the same apartment in New York


Nadezhda Verbitskaya

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The aspiring Albanian actor and his wife jumped to their deaths when they jumped out of their sixth-floor apartment in the Bronx on August 6 morning. Daily Mail.

Florind Belliou, 35, and Ornel Shehi, 28, were found in the yard of 2199 Kruger Avenue on Pelham Parkway South in Morris Park around 9:15 am on August 6. They were pronounced dead about 10 minutes later.

Neighbors say they heard screams shortly before the couple fell. Therefore, the police are investigating the fatal incident as the tragic result of a possible fight between the couple.

Their little sons, 6 and 2 years old, were in the apartment at that time. One of the neighbors recalls that he heard the child screaming: “Mom! Mother!" after a tragic fall.

Shekhi jumped off first, followed a few seconds later by her husband Belliu.

According to the medical examiner's office, the couple's cause of death was still unknown on August 7. The police are gathering more information for the investigation.

Family members and friends mourned outside an apartment building in the Bronx on Saturday. Belliu's mother fainted, she sobbed in response to the news of her son's death.

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It was previously reported that Belliu was "emotionally unstable" and went missing in April before police found him.

However, police have never received any reports of domestic violence related to the couple. The family moved into the building just four months ago. They have two sons who neighbors say were at home at the time of the tragic incident.

“I saw how they bought things for the house every day together, with two children together. We did not understand that something was wrong,” said Shady Perkay, the wife of the building manager.

Neighbors reported that they were a quiet couple who "kept to themselves." But they remember that they saw Belliu in an angry state on Friday.

Neighbor Robert Sanchez described Belliu as unfriendly.

“When you walked next to him, he just didn't have a friendly demeanor,” Sanchez said. “They kept to themselves and were very isolated.”

An employee at a nearby cafe, Zymi, agreed with this sentiment.

“He was never in a good mood. He came to drink coffee or eat and did not communicate with other people, the employee said. “My wife never really said anything. She was always quiet and isolated, but they always had children with them.”

Belliu was a graduate of the University of the Arts in Tirana, Albania. He performed in television and theater before moving to the US, reports EuroNews Albania. The publication also reports that he was working on two books and a film script. In recent months, he may have also worked as a driver to provide for his family.

Friends and family mourn the loss of the couple on social media, wondering why he jumped out of the building.

“Why, brother, why did you choose this path? What was missing when everyone supported you? What made you go down the road without beginning and end? - wrote Albanian actor Andi Llabouti. “What will we tell [your] mother when she sees us on the street that we failed to protect you?” Why didn't you think about your family, your mother and your sisters? You've upset us so much that there's no explanation for it! May Allah have mercy on you!”

Albanian comedian Chela Irgen posted an Instagram tribute saying that Belliu broke his heart.

“I can't believe I'm writing this post about you,” he wrote. “You are in my heart because of all those wonderful memories and our shared passion for acting. May you both rest in peace my dear friend, and may God give strength to both families during these difficult times.”

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