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Biden sends federal special forces to New York to fight crime

24.06.2021, 13: 35 EST

Lyudmila Balabay

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The US Department of Justice will send a special forces unit (SWAT) to New York to combat the spike in violent crime in the city. The same detachments will be sent to a number of other large cities, where the crime situation has worsened, the deployment of detachments will take place during July, writes Pix11.

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US President Joe Biden, in his June 23 address, urged city governments to invest some of their COVID-19 relief funds in policing efficiently and promoting alternative crime-reduction measures.

“Mayors can help enforce laws in their cities, but they cannot control laws in neighboring cities and states, even though legally purchased weapons there often end up on the streets of their cities,” Biden said.

According to him, he would like to "strengthen" measures that have proven to be effective in reducing crime, and also called on Congress to pass new laws in this direction.

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Biden announced a "zero tolerance" policy for arms dealers who do not comply with federal laws. Their licenses to sell will be revoked at the first violation of the law, without warning or a chance to remedy the situation.

“These death merchants break the law for profit,” Biden said. - If you are deliberately selling weapons to someone who is prohibited from doing so, I want to tell you this: we will find you and take your license to sell weapons. We'll make sure you don't sell death and chaos on our streets. "

US Attorney General Merrick Garland has identified federal government cooperation with local police as one of the most important responsibilities of the Department of Justice.

“Today, the department is taking another concrete step to tackle violent crime and illicit firearms trafficking,” he said. "Our Special Operations Strike Teams will identify and disrupt the networks that channel illegal weapons into our communities."

As of mid-June 2021, more than 700 people have been injured or killed in New York City from firearms.

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In 2020, 45th US President Donald Trump proposed sending federal law enforcement officers to New York amid protests over the death of George Floyd and a surge in violence. At the time, Mayor Bill de Blasio and New York City Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said New York City did not need federal assistance. Gov. Andrew Cuomo spoke to Trump on the phone at the time and said there was no need for federal government assistance.

Now the leadership of New York has not yet commented on the decision of Biden and the Department of Justice.

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