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A huge city made entirely of balloons will soon open in New York


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Balloon Story, an inflatable wonderland, is opening soon in the Big Apple! Don't miss the opportunity to stroll through this incredible place where everything is made of balloons! Tickets are already on sale, reports SecretNYC.

Get ready for an extraordinary summer adventure with Balloon Story! Be amazed all season long sculptures and spaces made entirely of balloons.


Tickets for this limited time event event finally available for sale. You can buy them here.

  • When: from July 3, 2024 at 10:00.
  • Where: Park Avenue Armory (643 Park Avenue, New York, 10065-6122, New York).
  • Price: from $34,91.

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There is a wide selection of different tickets for groups and individuals. VIP tickets early bird, and children's and adult general admission tickets are currently available for a limited time.

VIP tickets include:

  • entrance to the performance;
  • your own hot air balloon sculpture to take home;
  • one treat;
  • skip the line.

Students and pensioners (65+) are also entitled to discounted tickets. See more information here.

Art meets air

There is so much to explore in this wonderland! Unleash your inner child and dive into the ball pits for some fun. Or compete in a battle with these balloons! And all this - surrounded by many amazing creations made from balloons!

Walk through a lush green jungle filled with tropical parrots, snakes and other aerial creatures! You will plunge into the Arctic landscape and see a variety of inflatable penguins. Or forget about earthly goods and stroll through an airy aquarium with inflatable fish and corals!

You can visit Balloon Story with peace of mind. This is an environmentally conscious event - all balloons are environmentally friendly!

Balloon Story is a fun adventure for kids and adults!

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