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Fabulous money: how much does a Christmas tree cost in New York this year?


Alina Prikhodko

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If you have already bought a Christmas tree for the upcoming holiday, then you probably know what a surprise awaits those who have not yet purchased one. According to Fox5NY, this year the cost of green beauties in New York is off the charts.

At Dave's Tree Farm on the Upper East Side, prices have gone through the roof. A decent tree for $70 or less is now just a memory.

“Third-foot to 3-foot trees cost $3,5,” said Joseph Smith, head salesman at Dave's Tree Farm.

According to a survey by the American Christmas Tree Association, 94% of people, despite inflation, plan to add a decorative green beauty to their home, while just under a quarter intend to decorate a live tree, which is somewhat good news for Smith.

Arborist Evan Dakow, owner of Jolly Green Tree, spoke about the pressures on sellers like Smith.

“First of all, labor costs have increased significantly in the last 3-4 years since COVID, everything has become more expensive,” he noted.

Besides, it all depends on what size you want your Christmas beauty to be.

“A lot of people are looking for trees that are 3-3,5m (10-12ft) tall. But Christmas trees typically only grow about one foot a year. That is, for the tree to be 10-12 feet tall now, it should have been planted at least 13 years ago. And 2008-2009 is known for its financial crisis,” Dakow explained.

“And it’s been 15 years since everything collapsed. This is one of the factors,” he added. “In 2008, farmers planted what they could afford, so this year there are fewer tall trees.”

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