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Belarusian clothing brand will take part in New York Fashion Week for the first time


Alina Prikhodko

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The Belarusian brand Maymont announced its participation in New York Fashion Week. According to Nashaniva, February 9 will be an important milestone in the history of the brand, because this is the first clothing brand from Belarus to appear on the world catwalk in New York.

The founder of the young women's clothing brand Maymont shared the news about her participation in New York Fashion Week. Show date: February 9. “Maymont became the first fashion brand from Belarus to enter the global stage in New York,” says Ekaterina Vashchilko.

After submitting an application and long negotiations with the organizing committee, Ekaterina was invited for an interview, and in September last year Maymont’s participation in the New York Fashion Week shows was agreed upon. “Even after the start of preparation, it took some time for the team to recover from such cool news,” she recalls.

They decided to announce the event on social networks a month before the show: according to the founder of the brand, it is better to do this when almost everything is ready, and not when it’s just emotions. The collection has already arrived in New York, and was sewn in Baranovichi: Maymont production and one of the brand’s brand stores are located there.

Runway collection

“How did the collection turn out? These are five images. Plus, I also need to go on the catwalk in something - and this will actually be the sixth look,” notes Ekaterina. On Instagram, the brand has already begun sharing fragments of fabrics and embroideries from the collection, but the full picture can only be seen at the show.

“Maymont is basic, capsule items,” says Ekaterina about her brand. – Sometimes “fashionable” slips through, but if used correctly, such models can also be the basis. We decided to make the runway collection more elaborate. No, it is not flashy, without strange details and flying birds, but very discreet and simply expensive, such a casual evening wear. For example, we will have a black dress entirely embroidered with red flowers.”

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Some of the items from the catwalk collection will go into the brand’s spring collection, and some will simply remain as a souvenir of the event.

New York Fashion Week is one of the four most famous fashion weeks in the world. Together with the Paris, London and Milan weeks, it is one of the “Big Four” or Big 4 - the largest event in the global fashion industry, opening up enormous opportunities for designers and fashion brands.

Maymont is the first Belarusian CLOTHING brand selected for New York Fashion Week. However, in general, this is not the first Belarusian brand presented at New York Fashion Week. The first was the watch brand HVILINA, which took part in the NYFW shows in 2021.

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