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Broadway stretches from Manhattan to Albany: the story of the longest and most creative street in New York


Alina Prikhodko

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New York has the most popular and longest street in the world. And this Broadway! This street begins at the south end of Manhattan, but few people know that Broadway extends beyond New York City and reaches the state capital, Albany. The length of the street is staggering - 240 kilometers. Read more about this amazing fact told the publication Secret nyc.

It turns out that about 24 kilometers of Broadway run through Manhattan. The rest of the street is located outside the city. So Broadway is the pride of the entire state, not just New York City.

Broadway has long been and remains a symbol of the rich cultural life of New York. Numerous theaters and museums are located on this street, so it attracts tourists from all over the world who are eager to plunge into the atmosphere of New York and enjoy its unique spirit.

History of Broadway

People walked along Broadway long before asphalt and theaters appeared there: a significant part of it was laid where the historic Wickquasgek Indian Trail used to be. It was laid by the Munsi Lenape and Wappinger peoples.

With the arrival of the Dutch at the beginning of the XNUMXth century, this path became even more significant, and a road was built there, which was called Bloomingdale Road. European immigrants used it to communicate between their settlements in Harlem and New Amsterdam. After New Amsterdam was renamed New York, and power passed from the Dutch to the British, the street was officially called Broadway.

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Of course, Broadway originally looked different. From 1867 to 1869, the street was reconstructed, inspired by the Champs Elysees in Paris.

The main goal was to increase the value of real estate in the area and create jobs for people left without work after the completion of the construction of Central Park. As a result, changes have taken place, including the expansion of footpaths, the planting of trees and the creation of landscaped strips with walking areas about 9 meters wide.

Initially, the road itself was not paved, but in 1890 it was paved with paving stones, and this began to attract cyclists. Along with this, the construction of hotels and apartments began. Nine years later, in 1899, the street was officially given the name Broadway.

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The shopping galleries that we see today are the result of the reconstruction of 1904, since then they have been modernized several times. Iron fences, curbs, recreation areas have changed, metro ventilation has been added, as well as trees and shrubs.

During a renovation that took place between 1980 and 1993, much of the pavement was converted into green space and many of the original oaks were replaced with other types of trees. They adorn Broadway to this day, some of them were planted as early as the 1930s.

Broadway today

Today Broadway is a picturesque and lively street.

Being the heart of the city, it carries the vitality and energy that spread through the street arteries, filling the city with its rhythm. From countless theaters and museums, to parks and plazas, Broadway is more vibrant than ever and you don't want it to be any different.

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