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New water park opened in New York


Olga Feoktistova

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A beautiful new waterfront park has opened in the Bronx. It's called Bankside Park and gives area residents direct access to the Harlem River for the first time in 100 years, reports Time-out.

Bankside Park is new park on the waterfront in Mott Haven, a residential area of ​​the South Bronx.

It officially opened to the public last week.

The green zone was built on an abandoned industrial site - essentially unused land due to pollution. Construction took place as part of a larger project - the Bankside mixed-use complex with an area of ​​1,7 hectares.

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The park has sun loungers, a café, shaded areas and great views of the river.

New parks in New York

The golden era of New York's public parks has arrived!

Bankside Park has joined a rather impressive list of new public parks, which officials have opened throughout the city in the past few years.

For example, Pier 97 Park is located across West 57th Street. Although it is not yet completed, some parts of it are already available to visitors.

Last year, on the other side, on the Brooklyn Bridge, The Arches appeared. This is a place for relaxation and meetings. It is located below Chinatown, at the intersection of Rose Street and Avenue of the Finest. Last week, officials announced plans to develop the Brooklyn portion of the neighborhood. 12 new pickleball courts will be built here, as well as a number of other entertainment facilities.

And just over a month ago, Abolitionist Place, a half-hectare public green space, opened at 225 Duffield Street.

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