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Borscht, dumplings and potato pancakes: a branch of the Veselka restaurant will open in Brooklyn


Alina Prikhodko

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Soon, Brooklyn residents won't have to cross the bridge to eat homemade pies, crispy potato pancakes and authentic Ukrainian borscht. Restaurant Veselka is expanding. According to Time-out, a sign has already appeared at the new location, located near the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

After 70 years in East Village restaurant Veselka Coming soon to Williamsburg. Another establishment, with an area of ​​500 square meters, at 646 Lorimer Street is planned to open in May 2024. Initially (in 1918) the premises were built as a garage, and more recently there was a car wash there. The Birchard family, which owns Veselka, signed a 48-year lease for the Brooklyn property.

This will be their third location in New York.

The restaurant team announced that they will be serving customers 24 hours a day again in the East Village starting this summer. In addition, once the new Brooklyn location officially opens, the owners will temporarily close the East Village flagship restaurant for renovations to expand the kitchen.

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Veselka has done a tremendous amount of charitable volunteer work collecting aid for Ukraine amid the ongoing war with Russia. They helped not only the Ukrainian community in Manhattan - the restaurant sponsored the issuance of work visas for Ukrainians in New York.

As of spring 2023, the Birchard family has raised $300 for Ukrainian charities.

Last year, Veselka was nominated for a James Beard Award for the first time in the category of “food, ambience and hospitality, and positive contributions to the community.”

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