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The Brooklyn Museum is hosting an open exhibition: everyone can submit their work


Alina Prikhodko

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The Brooklyn Museum, a mecca of art and culture, celebrates its 200th anniversary this year. According to Brooklyn paper, in honor of the occasion, the cultural center is inviting local artists to participate in a first-of-its-kind outdoor exhibition this fall.

Exhibition Brooklyn Artists Exhibition, set to open Oct. 4, will include works from all disciplines and feature a range of artists from the region, which curators say is unprecedented in the museum's two-hundred-year history.

As its leaders say, this anniversary marks the organization's long legacy as a cultural center based on the development of creativity. Because of this, they noted, it was only appropriate to present works from the same areas that the museum serves.

“The Brooklyn Museum is a cornerstone of the city's culture. For 200 years, we have been bringing people together to experience the vibrant energy of Brooklyn and everything the borough stands for, from creativity to innovation to community,” said Barbara M. Vogelstein, Chair of the Brooklyn Museum's Board of Trustees. “Our next chapter will build on our strengths as we continue to champion art that awakens, provokes and inspires.”

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The exhibition will highlight artists who have lived or worked in the community over the past five years. Applications for participation in the exhibition are open and will last until April 7. More information can be found at Online Brooklyn Museum.

As part of the anniversary celebration, a special edition of the monthly event will be organized First Saturdays, dedicated to the birthday of the Brooklyn Museum, will reinstall the American art galleries and open a new immersive exhibition Solid Gold.

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