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Holiday Man: A man got a Santa tattoo on his back and put 12 Christmas trees at home


Alina Prikhodko

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You can go home for the holidays, or you can turn your home into a holiday. According to New york post One New Yorker decorated his home with 12 Christmas trees and 13 light bulbs.

If Christmas cheer was a competition, Frankie “Christmas” Bianco would be a strong contender for gold. A Lower East Side resident loves Christmas and has once again transformed his two-bedroom apartment into a sparkling temple.

“Christmas is not a day, it’s a mindset,” said Bianco, 55, quoting Kris Kringle’s line from the movie “Miracle on 34th Street.”

This year he has outdone himself. His stunning exhibit was featured on documentarian Nicholas Heller's Instagram (New York Nico), where it quickly racked up 28 likes from viewers.

“This year I have 12 Christmas trees and I broke my record for the most lights.” He talked about the more than 13 light bulbs he spent more than 000 hours hanging around his home just after Labor Day. They will burn until April. The video shows garlands and decorations on the ceiling, wall-mounted trees that also sparkle with lights, stickers on the walls and kitchen cabinets and even in the bathroom.

Extensive collection

Bianco added 14 pieces to his collection of Swarovski Christmas crystals, got new stickers and garlands for his bedroom and decorated the hallway ceiling “a little abstractly” with balloons signed by people who came to his apartment.

He painted one wall red and is so pleased with the result that he is “already thinking about next year” and painting even more walls.

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Bianco also boasts an impressive number of Christmas tattoos, including dozens of snowflakes, a huge Santa Claus on his back, and more than a dozen other tattoos related to the holiday season. It's hard not to notice them, as he proudly displays these arts - he walks around without a shirt.

As for his Christmas obsession, Bianco explained: “My love for Christmas started with my mother many years ago when she was unable to decorate our house due to illness, so I took over and did it for her. All I want for Christmas is to give the world a little joy.”

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