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Cherry blossoms bloomed in New York: where can you see these delicate trees


Alina Prikhodko

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It's cherry blossom season in New York. Thanks to the warm winter this year, the cherry tree is blooming much earlier than usual. This symphony of flowers is beautiful, but fleeting. According to Time-out, it is better to use special trackers from New York parks so as not to miss the peak of the Japanese cherry blossom party.

This year, due to climate change, it blooms earlier, but the peak season is still at the end of March - beginning of April and can last until May. In Central Park, you can now head to the Great Lawn to see the Japanese cherry blossoms in full bloom. Trees at Cherry Hill, Pilgrim Hill and Sheep Meadow are still in the pre-peak stage.

The best part is that you don't have to wander around the city aimlessly for hours to find cherry blossoms. You can plan your excursion to its habitats in advance thanks to trackers Central Park и Brooklyn Botanical Garden, which will tell you exactly where you can see this magical spectacle.

On the Brooklyn Botanical Garden map Most cherry trees are in the pre-blooming stage. One of the most striking places where you can see a riot of cherry blossom colors in New York is the Cherry Garden Esplanade. It's a large grassy area surrounded by cherry and oak trees, so be sure to check the park map for the latest updates.

The New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx has graphics, which show which trees are already in the process of flowering and how colorful they look now. There are more than 200 sakura in the garden. The Japanese cherry trees and daffodils have just begun to bloom, but the magnolias, azaleas and lilacs have not yet bloomed.

Where do these pink trees come from?

The cherry blossoms that city residents love so much were brought from Japan in 1912 as a gift. 12 cherry blossoms were brought to New York—almost as many as were brought to Washington, D.C. But New York has distributed the trees throughout Upper Manhattan, so they can't be appreciated in one place the way they can be in the capital.

On the subject: Sakura, daffodils and tulips: where to find spring flowers in New York

This in no way means that there are few beautiful places in the city where Japanese cherry trees rule the roost. True, for this you will have to spend a little more time studying the routes. You can even devote a whole day to this and organize your own excursion to the places where this charming tree blooms. Other great places to admire the beauty of the cherry tree include Cherry Blossom Park in Morningside Heights, Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens, and Randall's Island Park.

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