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A member of the Russian mafia escaped from prison in New York: 4 police officers were accused of this

26.07.2021, 18: 34 EST

Nurgul Sultanova-Chetin

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One captain of the correctional facility and three officers were suspended in connection with the investigation the daring escape of a gangster associated with the Russian mafia from a floating prison barge in New York, reports New York Post.

Photo: DCPI

As previously reported ForumDaily New York, 30-year-old David Mordukhaev on the night of July 9-10 escaped from the penitentiary institution. Vernon K. Bane, a prison barge in the Bronx.

While it is not reported what role the four prison officers played in this escape, their names have not been disclosed at the moment. During the escape, Mordukhaev used a rope made of sheets tied together and left the barge through the window.

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Sources said the prison guards did not check the inmate's presence in the cell even after federal investigators called and asked them to do so at around 1:00 am on the night of the escape. The feds called a second time, at 4:35 am, and the prison staff finally discovered that the prisoner was not in the cell.

In a note, he mocked the warders

David Mordukhaev managed to escape from the prison barge unnoticed.

Sources said that an investigation is underway into how Mordukhaev obtained the sheets. And why the guards in the isolation ward did not bother to check whether he was in his cell, even after they were informed of the suspicion of escaping.

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The fugitive left a note in which he mocked the guards for not catching him. During a conversation overheard by the police shortly after his escape, Mordukhaev also claimed that it would be a week before the police knew where he was.

But the police managed to arrest Mordukhaev in Brighton Beach less than a day after his escape. The fugitive was heading home to the mother of a high-ranking member of the KavKaz Nation gang, Roman Nikoghosyan.

According to the federal prosecutor's office, the voice of Nikoghosyan, who was also arrested, was heard on wiretaps. He tried to persuade his mother to accept the fugitive while he found a car to take Mordukhaev out of New York. He also made her send $ 2000 to Mordukhaev.

Posing as a police officer

Law enforcers associate Mordukhaev with the Russian mafia in New York, but they did not disclose specific information about his status in the organization. In December 2013, Mordukhaev was sentenced to 65 months in prison for conspiring to rob a pharmacy in Marlborough, New Jersey, and sell stolen drugs for cash.

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Mordukhaev also posed as a policeman, which is also a criminal offense. He was arrested in April 2020 after he and another suspect, showing police badges and a walkie-talkie, “fined” an SUV driver in Brooklyn $ 340 and took marijuana from him. When the victim realized that these two were not policemen, he tried to follow them in his car.

KavKaz Nation is an organization that deals with drug trafficking, extortion and other crimes in New York. The group allegedly consists of people from the Caucasus region, including Armenia, Uzbekistan and part of Russia.


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