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What children dream of finding under the Christmas tree: TOP 4 most desirable toys in 2023


Alina Prikhodko

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With Christmas just a few weeks away, an expert from The Toy Insider is here to tell parents what their kids are hoping to find under the tree this year. From flying dolls to remote control fun that kids can enjoy outside the home, Fox19 compiled a list of the most popular toys.

Elmo Slide

“One of the most innovative, interactive Elmos we've seen,” says The Toy Insider senior editor Madeleine Buckley. – His mouth moves. His body is moving. His dances really encourage children to be active and play.”

LOL Surprise Magic Flyers

“You can see that she's a little drone,” Buckley describes. “It flies up and the kids can catch it and release it over and over again.” LOL Surprise Magic Flyers cost $29,99 each.

Monster Jam Grave Digger Trax RC by Spin Masters

“It's designed to handle all terrain. You can take him home with you, outside, he goes over rocks, hills and grass, does tricks and flips, and it is so fun and visual.”

Experts at The Toy Insider say this toy is a great way to introduce kids to nature, but is also safe for indoor use.

“It has an all-foam body and is very lightweight, so it's really well designed and won't cause any major damage to your furniture,” says Buckley. Monster Jam Grave Digger Trax costs $69,99.

Super Mario Brothers Wonder

“Mario returns for a new series of adventures,” explains Buckley. – This is great for multiplayer games. If you have someone in your life who has a Nintendo Switch, then this is a fantastic gift idea. I also highly recommend gifting video games if you're stuck buying a last minute gift. You don't have to worry about the game being sold out. You can get a digital code.” Super Mario Brothers Wonder costs $59,99.

Some items, Buckley explains, may be harder to find than others.

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