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XNUMX Uniquely New York Blunders You Shouldn't Have a Second Date After


Olga Derkach

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Dating in New York is crazy in itself. When you're not creating weird profiles on dating apps or going to crowded bars with friends to meet someone, you have to put up with being ignored or constantly hidden from others, all made more difficult by the busy life in New York. York. New Yorkers told the publication Time-out about 10 blunders to watch out for when you go on a first date.

With their opinions and observations, New Yorkers got angry on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

1. Stop in the middle of the sidewalk

This is a habit mostly of visitors, and the New Yorkers themselves consider it a curse. New Yorkers will just move on and leave you behind, both literally and figuratively.

2. The person has never traveled and will never travel by subway

He never takes public transport because he doesn't need it - it's a personality defect. Driving around in your own car or taking an Uber is not a New York lifestyle. They think they are above it and it doesn't look good.

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3. Chain restaurant offer for dinner

Seriously? With all the incredible restaurants in New York, does a person want to go to the Olive Garden without being ironic?

4. The person is not rooting for the New York teams

Where is his New York pride? You must always be for your own, even if they are not very good.

5. When he claims to be "bi-coastal"

Here and there. To say that he lives on both sides (New York and California) shows a lack of commitment and, frankly, a split personality. Also, if one of the partners spends half a year in California, what will the relationship look like?

6 No NYC Library Card

You don't need to use it. He just has to be. Basically, it makes you a New Yorker with a calling card.

7. He wants his first date to be at a hotel bar in Soho.

It's not just very fast and weird, it's way out of line.

8. Don't leave your borough

New York is five boroughs and about 250 boroughs. If a person cannot leave his borough, nothing will come of it. There is too much to explore.

9. Their personality is based or they judge someone based on their neighborhood

Judging someone by where they live is a big miss because it means the person is biased and if they are "Williamsburg in the flesh" it's time to move on.

10 They Didn't Do Iconic But Essential New York Things

How can they call themselves New Yorkers if they haven't gone to the Metropolitan Museum of Art or skated in the Winter Village in Bryant Park? Living here means enjoying the best experience in the city, so if they haven't, then something is wrong.

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