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Ten new skyscrapers in New York that were built in the last 2 years


Alina Prikhodko

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Over the past two years, many new skyscrapers have appeared in New York - from the bronze and copper Brooklyn Tower, which has been compared to the “sinister” tower from “The Lord of the Rings,” to the narrowest in the world. dezeen made a selection of 10 new iconic skyscrapers in New York.

The ten include office towers, luxury condominiums and retail spaces, with some considered supertall skyscrapers, reaching up to 300 meters in height.

The most authoritative bureaus in the world worked on the projects - Foster + Partners, OMA Architecture, BIG. New buildings have significantly changed the landscape of New York, a city that in 2023 ranked third in the world in the number of skyscrapers (after Hong Kong and Shenzhen).

1. Olympia Dumbo, Brooklyn

The building, designed by Hill West Architects, is located in one of the most prestigious boroughs of New York, Brooklyn. The facade of the 33-story building, completed in early 2024, gradually tapers upward to symbolize a sail. The lower part of the building with commercial premises was designed in such a way as not to exceed the height of the Brooklyn Bridge and maintain harmony with the historical buildings of the Dumbo area.

2. Two Manhattan West, Manhattan

Two Manhattan West is one of two skyscrapers in the Manhattan West complex in New York designed by SOM. It is located in Manhattan, next to its twin tower, One Manhattan West. Both skyscrapers feature curved corners, all-glass facades and high lobbies. Two Manhattan West, 285 meters high, will be completed in early 2024.

3. Brooklyn Tower, Brooklyn

Brooklyn Tower, which is 325 meters high (93 floors), was designed by SHoP Architects. Its facade and impressive height evoke associations with the Tower of Sauron from the film trilogy “The Lord of the Rings” by Peter Jackson. And SHoP Architects calls this skyscraper “Brooklyn’s Empire State Building.”

4. The Spiral, Manhattan

The Spiral, whose construction was completed in October 2023, is a project of the BIG architectural bureau. The 314-meter-high skyscraper is located near the High Line. The building is wrapped around a spiral terrace that reaches the top of the building. According to the authors, the exterior of this skyscraper is dictated by the idea of ​​a ziggurat - religious buildings in Ancient Mesopotamia.

5. Eagle + West, Brooklyn

The skyscraper with a laconic exterior was designed by the Danish studio OMA Architecture. This is a two-tower complex located along the waterfront in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn. The skyscrapers consist of seven-meter blocks stacked on top of each other so that each next one “hangs” over the previous one. The tall tower reaches 121 meters in height; the lower one is 91. The facades of both buildings are lined with precast reinforced concrete. This complex is part of the Greenpoint Landing project, which includes housing, offices and entertainment venues.

6. Steinway Tower, Manhattan

Steinway Tower is considered the thinnest skyscraper in the world and the second tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. Its construction was completed back in 2022, but only recently the building began to fill with life. The 435-meter-tall skyscraper was designed by SHoP Architects. It consists of several multi-level sections that taper towards the top of the building. IN It has about 60 residential units, and from its highest floors there is a panoramic view of the entire Manhattan and Central Park.

7. 611 West, Manhattan

This is the first building in the United States by Portuguese architect Alvaro Siza, who compares his work to a giraffe. The 137-meter-tall residential building is located on the Upper West Side. The facade of the building is covered with Perla Bianca limestone, a building material mined in Turkey and used for “luxury architecture and interiors.”

8. 50 Hudson Yards, Manhattan

50 Hudson Yards was designed by world-renowned architecture firm Foster+Partners. This ultra-tall office building in the United States is 308 meters high (78 floors) located in Manhattan, in the Hudson Yards area. The business skyscraper houses the offices of Meta and the investment firm BlackRock. Construction of the ambitious project was completed the year before.

9. 11 Hoyt, Brooklyn

The 11 Hoyt residential building was built in downtown Brooklyn in 2022. This 57-storey building, designed by Studio Gang, reaches 189 meters in height. Its facade has a wave-like texture - thanks to this, some apartments seem to protrude outward, which gives them an atypical shape and increases the space.

10. 425 Park Avenue, Manhattan

Another Foster + Partners project in Manhattan. This is the first office building built on Park Avenue in 50 years. The 47-story skyscraper (262 meters high) has a three-level structure and a glass façade. “The building emphasizes the historical context and understated elegance of its neighbors, pushing the boundaries of office design and reflecting the modern spirit of the city,” commented Norman Foster.

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