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Volunteers patrol the Jewish neighborhoods of New York around the clock: the number of threats has increased significantly in recent days


Alina Prikhodko

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A volunteer Jewish security group helped apprehend two teenagers who allegedly targeted a synagogue this week with an air gun containing gel bullets. Patrols are being carried out around the clock as a huge number of calls are received to the hotline after the Hamas attack on Israel, reports New York Post.

According to Levi Leifer, Director Shmira Public Safety, fear and crime gripped the Jewish communities of New York, causing the number of calls to increase by 110%. “People are panicking,” Leifer explained.

“We all saw what happened in Times Square with the swastikas and things like that, so people call the hotline with minimal suspicion,” he noted, referring to the pro-Palestine rally on Sunday, October 8, at which one of the participants was photographed with a swastika on the phone.

One such call came on the evening of Wednesday, October 11, when two teenagers allegedly fired gel bullets at a synagogue in Brooklyn. The caller contacted the patrol organization, and within 20 minutes, volunteers had cornered the suspected teenage fanatics.

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“Thanks to the volunteers working in the area that we cover, we were able to track these guys down and help identify them,” Leifer said.


Before Saturday's deadly Hamas attack, volunteers patrolled the area until the early hours of the morning. Now patrols are conducted around the clock, and the number of observers, including retired volunteers patrolling on scooters, has doubled. Some calls turn out to be unfounded, but, according to Leifer, “there are some serious ones.”

Although anti-Jewish hate crimes have decreased since last year, the latest data provided by the NYPD only includes the period up to Sunday, October 8th. That is, these data do not cover the entire subsequent week after Hamas carried out terror on the territory of the Jewish state, which led to the war with Gaza.

For example, in the UK, the number of anti-Semitic incidents has since increased sharply: from October 7 to October 10, there were 89 anti-Jewish incidents.

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