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Domestic Violence: Where New Yorkers Can Get Help


Nurgul Sultanova-Chetin

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Domestic physical and emotional abuse is a common problem in America. Annually in the USA from violence 10 million people are affected, reports PIX 11... Such situations are especially dangerous for immigrants who received status in the United States by marriage - they are afraid to seek help, fearing the loss of a green card. But violence cannot be tolerated, and immigration status in this case can be maintained. Below is information on what domestic violence is and where victims can seek help in New York City.

What's this

Domestic violence can include physical, sexual or emotional abuse, as well as sexual abuse and harassment:

  • the victim's current or former spouse or intimate partner;
  • a person with whom the victim has a common child;
  • a person who lives or lived with the victim as a spouse or intimate partner;
  • any other person.

Officials said they see the stress and strain of the COVID-19 pandemic leading to an increase in domestic violence. During the peak of the 2020 pandemic, New York State saw a 33% increase in domestic violence calls, according to state police departments.

Lawyers believe there are even more unreported cases. After all, many victims cannot retire to make a call and ask for help.

Victims of violence in New York can get help from a company Safe horizon... The organization has been working with victims of violence and abuse in New York since 1978.

In an emergency, victims of domestic violence should call 911 or contact state or local law enforcement officials. You can also contact Safe Horizon directly - they will tell you how to act and help you at first.

Any victim of domestic violence can contact the websites and phone numbers listed below for help:

  • National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE
  • Visit
  • Safe Horizon Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-621-HOPE (4673)

In New York State:

  • New York State Domestic and Sexual Violence Hotline: 1-800-942-6906

In the state of New Jersey:

  • New Jersey Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-572-SAFE (7233)
  • New Jersey Domestic Violence Representation Project Legal Services: 888- LSNJ-LAW - 888 576-5529
  • SARAH Project (Stop Abusive Relationships at Home): (973) 777-7638

In the Bronx:

  • Urban Resource Institute - 646-588-0030

In Nassau County:

  • Circulo de la Hispanidad, Inc. - Salva Domestic Violence Program, tel. 516-889-2849
  • Long Island Violence Project, 516-323-0011
  • The Safe Center (Long Island) - 516-542-0404

In New York City:

  • Visit website gov / nychopefor information on services for survivors of domestic and gender-based violence. Call the 1-hour New York City Hotline at 800-621-4673-XNUMX.
  • African American Planning Commission - (800) 621-HOPE (4673). Offers culturally sensitive services to survivors of African American violence
  • Female Allen Resource Center (718) 739-6200. Offers special services for Christians
  • Barrier Free Living (212) 677-6668. Provides services for people with disabilities
  • Connect (212) 683-0015.
  • Crime Victim Treatment Center (212) 523-4728.
  • Edwin Gould Services for Children and Families - Steps to End Domestic Violence, (877) -STEPS-94.
  • Food First Family Project, Inc., (877) 230-5705.
  • Good Shepherd Services - Safe Homes Project, (718) 499-2151 (Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 17:00 pm).
  • HELP USA - (718) 922-7980.
  • Henry Street Settlement - (212) 577-7777.
  • Jewish Council Family and Child Support Service. Hotline numbers can be found on their website... Offers services for Jews
  • Korea American Family Center - (718) -460-3800.
  • New York City Violence Project (212) 714-1141, bilingual hotline in Spanish and English.
  • Womankind (formerly New York City's Asian Women's Center) (888) 888-7702, multilingual hotline; offers services tailored to Asian culture
  • New Destiny Housing - (646) 472-0262.
  • Ohel Children's Home & Family Services (800) 603- OHEL (6435), offering services tailored to Jewish culture
  • Queens Legal Services - (917) -661-4500
  • Safe Horizon - (800) 621-4673
  • Shelter for families - (212) 349-6009
  • City Justice Center, Domestic Violence Project - (718) 875-5062
  • Urban Resource Institute - (888) 279-2211 or (888) 252-2890
  • Anti-Violence Program (800) 664-5880, XNUMX/XNUMX Spanish / English Bilingual Hotline
  • Volunteers of America, contact the New York City Domestic Violence Hotline (800) 621-HOPE (4673)

In Rockland County:

  • Center for Security and Change - (845) 634-3344

In Suffolk County:

  • Brighter Tomorrows, Inc. - (631) 395-1800
  • Long Island Violence Project - 516-323-0011
  • I. Against Domestic Violence - (631) 666-8833
  • The Retreat, Inc. - (631) 329-2200
  • Information Office for Victims of Suffolk - (VIBS) (631) 360-3606

In Westchester County:

  • Hope's Door, Inc. - (888) 438-8700
  • My Sisters' Place - (800) 298-SAFE / 7233
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