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Should you wrap your suitcase in film before flying: risks and benefits


Olga Feoktistova

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Wrapping your suitcase in film is a common practice among international travelers. New York Post talks about the risks and benefits of wrapping luggage before flying.

Experts Transportation Security Administration USA (TSA) argue that this measure does not fully provide the additional level of security that people believe it provides.

The film will not protect the suitcase

Packaging luggage, often costing more than $30 at airports, can ironically complicate the security screening process for both travelers and authorities.

If checked baggage is questionable during 3D X-ray screening, the TSA officer must open the bag by any means necessary. This means that bags wrapped in film are just as susceptible to damage as a result of inspection as bags without it.

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Once a suitcase is opened, TSA will not replace the packaging. However, the Secure Wrap luggage protection service available in John F. Kennedy Airport, offers free repackaging after it has been torn.

As for theft issues, transportation security manager Saraya Davis said each inspection room is equipped with CCTV cameras. That is, passengers do not have to worry about employees stealing their belongings.

Ultimately, experts believe that wrapping luggage is an unnecessary and costly measure that can backfire.

But there are also pluses

Perhaps the only good use for film packaging is to protect bags from the normal wear and tear of travel. Meanwhile, some luggage needs to be packed so that it does not get damaged during transportation.

If one of these bags needs to be inspected and cannot safely reach its final destination unpacked, TSA will contact the airline to advise the passenger of the status of their baggage and how they can retrieve it.

Travel site The Points Guy recommends using reusable fabric covers. Among other things, they help to recognize your suitcase on the delivery belt after the flight.

For best protection, experts recommend locking your suitcases with TSA-approved locks. This will allow Transportation Security Administration officials to easily open them and inspect them.

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