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The results of the green card lottery will be announced soon: how not to run into scammers


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In a few weeks - on May 4 - the State Department will publish the results of the DV-2025 green card lottery. The drawing for the legal right to live and work in the USA is very popular. With millions of people participating in the lottery every year, it attracts the attention of scammers trying to profit from its participants. Here are a few nuances that you should know so as not to become a victim of scammers.

You can check the results of the green card lottery only on one site and at a specific time

The results of the green card lottery will be published on the website, and this is the ONLY resource where you can find them. Results will be available at noon (Eastern Time) on May 4, 2024, and not a minute earlier. After this, they can be checked until September 30, 2025.

If some sites with a different address ask you to enter your data in order to find out the results of the draw earlier, these are scammers who want to steal your personal data.

By the way, to check the results you only need to enter your last name, year of birth and the special code that you received after registering in the lottery.

Screenshot from the lottery website

Passport details, social security number and other information are not needed. If some site that looks visually similar to the official lottery portal asks you to enter additional data, check its url again. Most likely it is a fraudulent clone and there is an error in the address.

Verification is completely FREE

The check goes like this: you go to the site, enter your last name, year of birth and the code received during registration - in response, the system gives you the result of the draw, that is, it tells you whether you won a green card or not. All! You don't have to pay for anything.

If some service or person offers to pay you to get results faster, increase your chances of winning, and the like, they are scammers.

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The State Department NEVER writes letters or calls winners.

If you have filled out a form to participate in the lottery, you must check the results yourself. The State Department never writes letters to winners telling them they have won a green card or calls them. If you receive such a letter or call, these are scammers.

Correspondence with US immigration authorities will begin after you complete the DS-260 form. Until then, do not expect any letters.

If you have won a green card, then you can start the paperwork for free

After winning, you need to complete form DS-260. It is quite voluminous, but you can handle it on your own if you speak English at an intermediate level. For winners of the green card lottery, it is free. Therefore, if someone demands money from you for it, then know that he will pocket it.

Yes, when applying for documents to move to the United States, you will have to pay a visa fee and pay for a medical examination, but all this will be done officially through the US Embassy. For a step-by-step description of what to do after winning a green card, read here.

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