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Justin Timberlake was arrested in New York for drunk driving


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American singer Justin Timberlake was arrested on June 18 for driving while intoxicated. He was later released from custody, reports CTV News.


According to the artist’s lawyer, Justin Timberlake was charged with one count of “the world while intoxicated.” He was then released from custody at a New York police station.

One martini

Policemen noticed the singer's car on June 18 at night. According to officials, "he was operating his vehicle at drunk condition" in Sag Harbor, New York. Timberlake was driving his 2025 BMW and, according to the protocol, did not stop at a stop sign and did not stay in his lane.

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The officer stopped the vehicle, according to court records. Timberlake admitted to him that he "drank one martini and followed my friends home."

Timberlake's eyes were "red and glassy" and his breath had a "strong odor of alcohol," court records state.

An officer with the Sag Harbor Village Police Department described Justin's condition as "inability to pay attention," adding that "his speech was slow, he walked unsteadily, and he performed poorly on all standardized field sobriety tests."

The detainee refused a chemical blood alcohol test three times.

He was arrested and held overnight to face charges.

Timberlake was released without bail. The trial is scheduled for July 26.

Sag Harbor is a village located in the Hamptons on eastern Long Island. Timberlake left the American Hotel in the area shortly before his arrest, according to a source familiar with the situation.

The singer is currently on tour with his latest album, Everything I Thought It Was. He is scheduled to perform in Chicago at the United Center on June 21.

Timberlake, 43, is married to producer and actress Jessica Biel. The couple married in 2012 and share 9-year-old Silas and 3-year-old Phineas.

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