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The first 100% electric residential skyscraper was built in New York


Alina Prikhodko

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The developer Alloy Development decided to abandon the use of gas appliances for environmental safety reasons. According to New York Times, they became pioneers - doing it before New York's regulations requiring the transition to electric energy went into effect.

In Brooklyn's ever-growing downtown, high-rise apartment buildings are commonplace. But there's something unusual about the house at 505 State Street. The 44-story, 440-unit building will be the first all-electric residential tower in New York City. Functions that would normally use gas will be provided electrically – meaning no gas stoves. Heating and hot water will also be electrified.

Jared Della Valle, Executive Director Alloy Development, said the company reviewed its sustainability goals, consulted with engineers and made the decision to go electric. But there's another factor: starting in 2026, most new buildings in New York will be required by law to use electric heating and appliances to help stem climate change.

Profitable proposition

One-bedroom apartments at 505 State Street cost about $3 a month, two-bedrooms cost about $500 and three-bedrooms cost $8. The building held a housing lottery for 000 units and received more than 11 applications for housing ranging from $200 to $45 a month.

“You could win the housing lottery and be able to rent a three-bedroom apartment for $1 when market rent is $600 a month. Of course, there will also be people in the house who rent at market prices. But we tried to make sure that those who are poorer did not feel awkward,” Della Valle said. “The design of the building promotes democratization, not polarization.”

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At 505 State Street, the finishes are the same for all units. Inside the building by Rebecca Robertson RR Interiors designed standard apartments. She used coffee tables and rugs from Craigslist, Target and furniture from Kaiyo.

The building features a rooftop pool and terrace overlooking Williamsburgh Savings Bank and the Manhattan skyline. In addition, there is a 300 square meter gym and a grow room (similar to a greenhouse or garden) filled with plants. The first floor of the building will be occupied by several retail stores, including a coffee shop.

Under an agreement with the city, Alloy constructed the building adjacent to 505 State Street. It will house two public schools: Khalil Gibran International Academy High School, which will have a large population of Arabic speakers, and Public School 456, with four classrooms for preschoolers and young children. Both schools, which will open in the fall, were designed by architectural bureau Architecture Research Office.

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