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Business class for dogs: New York has an airline for pets


Alina Prikhodko

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A New York-based private airline offers exclusive flights for dogs. It feels like the dogs themselves brought this idea to life. Delicate treats, lots of toys, paw massagers and no cats or children on board.

Company BARK Air originally produced the popular Bark Box subscription for dogs. Over time, it expanded and began producing teeth cleaning products, food, accessories, and now it has created an airline.

Departures operate from Westchester County's private airport. The company currently offers direct flights to London, Los Angeles and Paris. BARK Air allows pets to fly in style and comfort rather than being caged in a pet compartment.

Dogs can finally fly

“Although BARK Air is a dog-friendly airline, we understand that you may want to bring a human with you. After all, you need to scratch or chew someone. Each ticket comes with a pass for one person, says the company’s website. – Personally, we prefer people who can massage their belly, but anyone who loves dogs is welcome. The person must be at least 126 years old (18 for humans). They should be well trained and limit themselves to the question “Who is a good dog?” once per flight.”

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The airline uses Gulfstream G5 aircraft, which can accommodate 15 dogs. But the planes do not fly when fully seated, and the number of seats is limited to 10 to ensure maximum comfort during the flight. A one-way flight from New York to Los Angeles costs $6000, and from New York to London costs $8000. Tickets are sold directly on the BARK Air website

When booking, you must provide information about your pet, just like a regular passenger, such as name, breed, size, age and weight. A flight attendant welcomes dogs onto the plane before departure and helps them prepare for the flight and acclimatize with special scents, music and colors.

Business class doggy style

During takeoff and landing on board, four-legged passengers will be offered a choice of drinks (water, bone broth, etc.) so that they do not experience discomfort in their ears. The salon contains soothing products: pheromones, music, warm, refreshing lavender-scented towels and other amenities. In addition, throughout the flight, dogs will be treated to a variety of treats and surprised with surprises from the BARK brand.

“We have plenty of beds, blankets, toys and treats on board. If you need something special, like a blanket that smells like cheese, don’t hesitate to ask your person to bring it.” You can learn more about the rules of conduct on board and the features of business class for your pet. on the official website.

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