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Seven programs that will pay for your education in the USA and beyond


Alina Prikhodko

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Access to education is becoming increasingly global and diverse, with scholarship programs opening the door to study abroad for ambitious students from all corners of the planet. Asiaplustj We have made a selection of programs that partially or fully cover studies abroad.

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Danish Government Scholarships

The University of Copenhagen (UCPH) offers a limited number of tuition benefits and grants through the Danish Government Scholarship Scheme. Scholarships are competitive and are offered to talented students with outstanding academic achievements from countries outside the EU/EEU (European Union/Eurasian Economic Union).

The Danish Government scholarship is available in the form of full or partial waiver of tuition fees and/or an amount covering basic living expenses.

Deadline: 1 September.

Degree of education: Bachelor's, Master's, Postgraduate studies.

Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters scholarships

The Erasmus Mundus program allows you to receive funding for free master's studies at European universities. Its participants study at more than one university, but change their place of study every semester. Thus, during their master's degree, students have the opportunity to study and live in 2, 3 and even 4 countries.

In total, the consortium includes over 4000 European universities, which offer more than 130 coordinated programs.

The Erasmus Mundus program covers all expenses of the competitors:

  • studying at a university;
  • fare;
  • library and laboratory expenses;
  • visa application costs;
  • medical insurance;
  • residence in the country where the training is taking place.

Deadline: from October 1 to the end of January.

Degree of education: magistracy.

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DAAD Scholarship

DAAD is an academic exchange service that allows students and scientists from other countries to receive funding to study in Germany. Offers a range of scholarship programs, but the majority of scholarships are awarded to master's students, graduate students and scientists.

There are different types of programs - from full scholarships to certain universities to summer courses and research internships.

The scholarships cover all basic expenses of the contestants, namely:

  • transportation costs (partially);
  • medical insurance;
  • accommodation in Germany.

The monthly stipend varies depending on the program and is generally 850 euros per month for university graduates and 1200 euros for postgraduate students. But since education at public universities in Germany is free or requires only a small payment, this amount allows you to get a German education practically free of charge, as well as cover all the student’s basic expenses.

Deadline: Each program has its own conditions and deadline.

Degree of education: Bachelor's, Master's, Postgraduate studies.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Gates Cambridge is a scholarship program for talented students planning postgraduate studies at Cambridge. The scholarship covers all expenses for the entire duration of study in a Master's (MSc/MLitt), Doctoral (PhD) or one-year postgraduate program.

Exceptions include undergraduate, part-time, MBA, Master of Finance (MFin), PGCE, MBBChir clinical research, PhD and postgraduate medical studies. Funding is provided by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The scholarship covers all expenses of the competitors:

  • tuition at the University of Cambridge, including entrance fee;
  • living expenses (stipend of approximately £17 - adjusted annually);
  • fare;
  • visa costs;
  • insurance

Deadline: October.

Degree of education: Master's, postgraduate, doctoral studies.

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Chevening Scholarship

Chevening is a scholarship from the UK Foreign Office. It allows young leaders in a variety of fields to obtain a Master's degree from a UK university. Scholarship winners can focus entirely on their studies and not worry about expenses.

Chevening fully covers:

  • cost of the training program;
  • economy class flight to the UK and back on an approved route;
  • one-time allowance upon arrival and departure;
  • visa cost;
  • fee up to $95 for tuberculosis testing (required from citizens of some countries);
  • amount for travel to mandatory events;
  • monthly payments for living expenses and personal expenses (calculated individually).

Deadline: november.

Degree of education: magistracy.

Stipendium hungaricum

Stipendium Hungaricum is a scholarship program of the Hungarian government. Its main task is to make Hungarian higher education popular and competitive among foreign students.

The scholarship entitles you to study in Hungary for free and covers other expenses, including accommodation. Fellows receive medical benefits and a $122 monthly out-of-pocket allowance for the duration of their studies.

In total, more than 600 higher education programs and preparatory courses are available at 28 Hungarian universities. Available scholarships may vary depending on the applicant's country.

Deadline: December.

Degree of education: Bachelor's, Master's, Postgraduate, Doctoral studies.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

This scholarship program fully covers all costs of study and research for doctoral programs at one of the Canadian universities participating in the program. The program accepts both citizens of Canada and other countries.

Funding is available for specialists in the following areas: health research, natural sciences and/or engineering research, social science and humanities research.

The scholarship covers all basic expenses of participants. The amount of funding is $50 per year and is allocated for 000 years.

Deadline: September.

Degree of education: doctoral studies.

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