The article has been automatically translated into English by Google Translate from Russian and has not been edited.
Переклад цього матеріалу українською мовою з російської було автоматично здійснено сервісом Google Translate, без подальшого редагування тексту.
Bu məqalə Google Translate servisi vasitəsi ilə avtomatik olaraq rus dilindən azərbaycan dilinə tərcümə olunmuşdur. Bundan sonra mətn redaktə edilməmişdir.

Where and how to find a job in New York for a Russian-speaking person


Lyudmila Balabay

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Finding a job in the USA is a challenge for a new person in the country. There are a huge number of sites for searching for vacancies in America, some of them are very convenient specifically for Russian-speaking people. Below is a list of them. Is the largest job search site in the USA and the world. The resource base contains more than one million offers from employers and over 150 million resumes. Advanced search on this site allows you to search for vacancies not only by name and city, but also by skills and keywords. We advise you to search for a job by the word Russian, and you will see many job offers for those who speak Russian.

Craigslist - one of the most popular ad sites for a wide variety of topics. Here you can rent an apartment, buy a car, find a couple, and, of course, a job. Select the desired city, go to the “Work” section and enter keywords, in particular Russian.

Indeed The world's leading job search site. It is visited monthly by more than 180 million users from 50 different countries. The advantage of the resource is that it allows you to search for vacancies both on the site itself and on thousands of other employment resources.

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CareerBuilderr - Most of the Fortune 1000 companies, a prestigious list of the best US companies, are represented here. Therefore, on this site you can find your dream job. Using the same keywords Russian or Russian language, you will be offered vacancies for specialists with knowledge of the Russian language.

Careerjet Is a job search engine that provides access to millions of jobs posted on tens of thousands of websites around the world. Among them are both specialized sites for job search and companies that have posted only a few vacancies on their online resource.

HelpDetected is a specialized site for finding jobs in the USA from Russian-speaking employers. It offers employment in the USA for Russians; there are a variety of vacancies - from drivers and nannies to web programmers and office managers.

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