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Where to dine on Thanksgiving Day in New York: top 15 restaurants


Alina Prikhodko

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New York City's top restaurants will open their doors on Thanksgiving Day, allowing tourists and locals alike to grab a coveted table. Most restaurants have something at least resembling turkey on their menu, although now may be the time to start a new tradition - ordering steak tartare or lobster with Calabrian chili.

Time-out collected the top 15 restaurants that will offer you a turkey dinner or a non-traditional alternative for your celebration. Order home delivery or gather your loved ones and friends and book a table in advance.

1. The Golden Swan

Do you want to celebrate the holiday on a grand scale? The elegant Wallace Room at The Golden Swan is designed to impress. This rarefied space, once home to The Spotted Pig restaurant, serves foie gras, duck terrine and house-made tagliolini with truffles. You can also arrange a more traditional feast - turkey, squash soup and pumpkin tartlet will be just right, because every dish on the menu seems festive.

2. Patti Ann's

This kid-friendly Brooklyn restaurant offers one of the most affordable prix fixe menus in the city, so you can skip the cooking and bring the whole family along for a completely traditional menu of turkey and gravy, mashed potatoes, crispy Brussels sprouts and stuffing. from cornbread. If you have picky children in your party, a special children's menu includes French bread pizza and buttered vegetables. For dessert, everyone will, of course, get a big slice of pumpkin pie.

3. Wayan

This year, Wayan Restaurant is offering an Indonesian-French twist on the traditional dish. Nantucket scallops and tuna tartare are paired with organic turkey breast, Brussels sprouts with baby mustard spinach leaves, shrimp paste and pepper gravy. For dessert, classic pumpkin and pecan are replaced with ube pie and pandan passion fruit custard. If you prefer to eat at home, order a pre-made Thanksgiving meal for delivery or pickup the day before for a stress-free Thanksgiving.

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4. frenchette

Skip all that tedious prep work and grab a box of Thanksgiving meals from Frenchette, one of the city's favorite brasseries. The feast for 4-6 people includes pumpkin soup, Parker House sea salt rolls, turkey, chestnut stuffing, pumpkin pie and thoughtful holiday classics. Each dish comes with simple serving instructions.

5. Il Fiorista

Let someone else marinate the turkey in chamomile this year. Along with their signature free-range poultry, Il Fiorista serves classic side dishes and botanically inspired desserts. Along the way, buy one of the beautiful flower arrangements to reward yourself for not hosting guests.

6. Loring Place

Depending on what you order, Thanksgiving dinner at Loring Place can be classic—roast turkey, cranberry chutney, stuffing, potatoes and gravy—or completely unexpected. Choose from hummus with homemade pita, tuna crudo or grilled scallops for a non-traditional feast.

7. Tavern on the Green

If you're looking for an early lunch or late dinner at one of New York's most historic restaurants, Tavern on the Green may be just the ticket: Open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day. Expect traditional Thanksgiving dishes including free-range turkey, mushroom soup and butterscotch pecan pie.

8. The Crocodile

Head to the Wythe Hotel's signature restaurant for a sumptuous gala dinner. The menu puts a prix fixe spin on holiday classics including roast turkey, chestnut Brussels sprouts, baked squash and pumpkin pie.

9. Barbounia

This Flatiron restaurant combines traditional dishes like roasted pumpkin soup and free-range turkey with house-made mezze, short rib tagine and baked branzino. I would also like to mention the homemade cornbread.

10. Bar and grill Porter House

Porter House brings a little red meat to the traditional holiday table by offering filet mignon and ribeye alongside apple-sage stuffed turkey. A classic steakhouse wedge salad pairs well with Thanksgiving dishes like squash bisque, buttery mashed potatoes and candied pumpkin cheesecake. If you don't feel like cooking at home, dining at a restaurant with a stunning view of Central Park is a great alternative.

11. Trading

At Cote, the elegant Flatiron District restaurant from Simon Kim of Michelin-starred Piora, the prized bird is served with Korean-style turkey dumplings. The butcher block, where the chef selects cuts from premium and wagyu meats, serves up inspiring glutinous rice fillings, festive yapchai and good old-fashioned pecan pie.

12. Bar Boulud

This Francophile feast includes classic Daniel Boulud dishes such as terrine au croute with pork, duck, foie gras and port, as well as chestnut-stuffed Thanksgiving turkey, pumpkin soup, cornbread and crispy apple pie. We recommend trying beef bourguignon.

13. Rezdora

Like all the best Italian restaurants, the Thanksgiving menu can feed the whole family. While there are no typical American dishes here, you'll get turkey osso bucco with buckwheat polenta, burrata with prosciutto di parma, and tons of handmade pasta.

14. Portal

Alfred Portale offers a variety of Thanksgiving dishes, including duck with foie gras, yellowfin tuna tartare and salmon with Brussels sprouts. If you prefer something more classic, opt for roasted turkey breast stuffed with tart cherries, root vegetables and gravy.

15. The Elgin

Try a traditional Thanksgiving dish (turkey, cranberry sauce, gravy) or grab a Thanksgiving burger - a turkey patty with ginger onions and mushroom stuffing, topped with cranberry relish. Order a cocktail or keep a clear head for an argument with friends with a thoughtful list of mocktails.


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