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A group of illegal teenagers beat up a police officer in New York and then fled to California


Alina Prikhodko

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Four New York migrants who were arrested for attacking two police officers in the Times Square area have been released without bail. According to Fox News, after their release they fled to California.

Authorities believe Darwin Andres Gomez, 19, Kelvin Servita Arocha, 19, Wilson Juarez, 21, and Yorman Reveron, 24, fled the city after the incident. Police believe the four successfully boarded a bus bound for California. They first contacted a non-profit group associated with a church that helps migrants leave New York, and introduced themselves with fictitious names.

Four migrants allegedly participated in an attack on two NYPD officers steps from the New Amsterdam Theater, a popular tourist attraction. They escaped immediately after they were released on bail following their arrest.

A spokesperson for the New York City Office of Court Administration (OCA) said they were not aware of the whereabouts of Arochi, Juarez, Reveron and Gomez. “The court does not have information about the whereabouts of the defendants, but they are required to return to court on time,” said Al Baker, a spokesman for the state OCA.

Attack on law enforcement officers

The footage showed how police asked the migrants to move away, but a scuffle ensued, during which law enforcement officers tried to knock a man in a yellow jacket to the ground. A hooded suspect wearing a backpack is then seen kicking one of the officers twice in the head while another suspect wearing a red sweatshirt kicks him in the back.

While the struggle ensues, the suspect in the red jacket returns and punches the other officer in the back. Another hooded suspect with a backpack then arrives on the scene and delivers a strong, sweeping kick to one of the officers' heads. The migrant falls to the ground during the attack.

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The suspects then run away. The unidentified officers suffered minor injuries and were treated at the scene, police said. One of the officers had cuts on his face and another had bruises on his body, sources said.

Earlier this week, authorities charged all four with a range of charges, including assault on a police officer, banditry and disorderly conduct.

New migrants – old problems

Reverone has two cases filed against him in Manhattan - for assault and robbery. He allegedly assaulted a loss prevention employee at Macy's department store during a robbery and allegedly punched and bit an employee at a Nordstrom Rack store in November. Along with Arocha, Juarez, Reveron and Gomez, 24-year-old Yohenry Brito and 21-year-old Jandry Barros were arrested and charged with robbery and assault.

On Thursday, February 1, Brito appeared before the Manhattan District Attorney's office on a $15 cash bond and a $000 partial and surety bond on the felony charge. Barros was also charged Thursday, Feb. 50, and released, with his next hearing scheduled for Feb. 000.

The attack comes as city officials grapple with an influx of migrants from Texas. Services are overloaded and city residents are losing patience.

“The madness continues. What kind of universe do we live in when migrants living in our city as tenants are allowed to brutally attack police officers? And then they are released without consequences? Staten Island President Vito Fossella said in a statement. “Too often we have begun to protect violent criminals and punish victims.”

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