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A giant 20-meter hot dog will be installed in Times Square


Alina Prikhodko

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A massive hot dog sculpture, in fact the largest in the world, is set to be installed in Times Square on April 30th. According to Secret nyc, the 20-meter-long sausage is equipped with hydraulics that will launch confetti daily over one of the busiest pedestrian areas on the planet.

This entire performance is part of an upcoming exhibition Hot Dog in the City, which will unite various installations.

The hot dog has become a symbol of America, and more precisely of New York. Artist duo Jen Catron and Paul Outlaw set out to “explore consumerism, capitalism and contemporary culture” through a humorous approach. They say it will inspire “serious conversations, playful performances and political debate.”

The piquancy of the installation, of course, lies in the bright red hot dog. The confetti flying out of the installation not only hints at the quintessence of American holidays, but also plays on the hypermasculinity and demonstrativeness of American patriotism.

Important questions

Despite the silliness of the concept, Hot Dog in the City intends to accomplish the serious task of drawing parallels between the history of the hot dog and American culture as a whole. The project sheds light on the topics of street vending and the immigrant experience, the ins and outs of the meat industry, the patriarchy of meat-eating, and American politics.

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In addition to the massive hot dog sculpture, the exhibition will feature many additional themed programs, including:

  • Seasoning Wars: Wrestling match featuring EWA and Choke Hole;
  • The Hottest Dog Show: A Dog Beauty Contest featuring the AKC Museum of the Dog;
  • Hot Dog Eating Contest featuring Nathan's Hot Dogs;
  • Major League Eating and more.

Hot Dog in the City runs from April 30 to June 13 in Times Square between Broadway and 46th Street. For more information and program schedule, see here.

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