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Pick yourself a bouquet of wildflowers at a farm near New York


Alina Prikhodko

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Less than two hours from New York City, there are open spaces where you can pick a stunning bouquet of wildflowers. According to Secret nyc, from July to October, zinnias, cosmos, amaranth and other multi-herbs grow on them.

If you're looking to spruce up your Instagram feed or simply enjoy a captivating scent, you're in luck: Hudson Wildflower Co. – an ideal place for a summer day trip.

The idea of ​​this location belongs to Krista Weed, who during a difficult period of her life was looking for peace and happiness in these fields. After some time, she realized that she wanted to unite people through creativity and flowers.

Now every year visitors can admire the beautiful bright fields dotted with endless dances of herbs. The 2024 season will open in July. This year, guests will be treated to zinnias, celosias, amaranth, anise, verbena, Chinese aster, dahlias and a variety of wildflowers.


Ticket price is $45. It includes scissors, a metal bucket and an entrance for two people (or one adult and two children). If you return the bucket next time, you will receive a $5 discount. Admission for those who do not collect flowers: $8 – for an adult, $5 – for children under 7 years old, for babies in strollers – free.

Those who wish to visit the course several times during the season are offered a season ticket for $150. Its price includes a bucket and four bouquets. You are allowed to collect any flowers you like that grow on the territory at a time convenient for you from July to October.

In addition, Hudson Wildflower Co. plans to grow sunflowers at his fruit farm, Sonny Weed's.

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