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New York is always beautiful: what to look for at different times of the year


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New York is beautiful at any time of the year. However, each season changes it beyond recognition. About what to pay attention to at different times of the year, said the author of the channel "50 shades of New York" on the Yandex.Zen website.

“To many of those who have not yet been to New York, the city seems to be a jumble of stone labyrinths, people and machines. In fact, it is many-sided, varied and sparkling with the most bizarre facets that you did not even know about, ”the author writes.

Changing seasons can change New York beyond recognition. However, at any time of the year this city has its own characteristics and charms. So he will always find how to surprise you.


Spring arrives in New York in mid-March. At this time, the city is buried in lush flowering, and the warm air is filled with aromas of sakura and magnolia. Therefore, spring is an ideal time for walking.

“The first really warm rays of the sun will turn your promenade along the Hudson Embankment or Brooklyn Bridge into a scene from a good romantic movie,” we read in the publication.


Summer in New York is exhausting with subtropical heat, so subway rides will seem like a nightmare.

“In the summer, the merciless luminary literally incinerates the stuffy metropolis, and the ocean beaches of Long Island become a real salvation,” the author notes. "New York can bring you a luxurious beach holiday with white sand and often quite warm Atlantic waves."

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If you decide to spend time in the city, you can go closer to the water. For example, sail on a ferry cruising on the Hudson River between Manhattan and Staten Island. You can hide from the heat in the shade of the trees of one of the many parks or in the cool halls of museums.

“The New Yorkers themselves try to leave the city in the summer, if possible moving to the north of the state or to the nearest suburbs closer to the ocean,” the article says.


Autumn is perhaps the most cinematic and romantic time for New York.

"The landscapes of Central Park sparkle with thousands of shades of yellow and gold, passers-by wrap themselves in cozy scarves and drink aromatic freshly brewed coffee on the run," the author writes.

The New Yorkers are trying to get out of town over the weekend to "enjoy the multicolored trees and the delicate aroma of young wine in the many Long Island wineries."

In addition, the eve of Halloween is the best time to contemplate the crazy decorations that decorate private homes. Americans are preparing for this holiday with great diligence, every year they come up with something new.

“I have repeatedly shied away from witches and ghosts that come to life on neighboring lawns when a pedestrian approaches. You should definitely see this! " - the author of the channel advises.


Winter New York resembles an animated fairy tale. It all starts with the fact that the famous rink opens in Central Park, which appears in the scenes of many cult films. Then the shops begin to decorate their windows, while trying to outdo each other with bright decor and originality of the plot.

This is followed by one of the main events of winter - lights are lit on the main Christmas tree in the city, which is installed in front of Rockefeller Center. This usually happens in early December.

“Her jewelry refracts the lights of the famous Saks Fifth Avenue light show. Children start scribbling their letters to Santa Claus, and the city is soaked through and through with the spirit of the approaching Christmas, ”the author sums up.

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