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Immigration interview: do's and don'ts when speaking with a USCIS agent

16.06.2021, 16: 38 EST

Olga Derkach

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Many, but not all, immigration procedures require an interview with a US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) officer. Being prepared and not suspicious will make the USCIS interview as enjoyable as possible. The content of each interview will depend on the personality of the USCIS employee you are meeting, so it is nearly impossible to fully prepare for it. However, it is important to remember that it is the job of a USCIS officer to determine if there is anything in your past or present circumstances that could prevent you from obtaining the desired immigration status. More details about what to do and what not to do in the interview, said the publication. Findlaw.

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What do we have to do

  • Necessary prepare for the meeting. Bring copies of all your forms and all original documents. You should be able to answer questions about your documents without resorting to extensive links and confusion.
  • Required be prepared to answer personal questions if you are in an interview related to your marriage to a US citizen.
  • Required follow the directions of the USCIS officer. If the officer wants to interview you and your spouse separately, this is appropriate.
  • Required listen carefully and only answer the question the officer asks you.
  • Required Bring an interpreter with you if you don't understand English.
  • Necessary Dress appropriately for the occasion. This is an important meeting for you, and a good experience won't hurt.
  • Really keep calm. If you do not understand the question, ask the officer to rephrase it. If you really don't know the answer to a question, it's better to admit not knowing than to come up with something. It also helps to prepare. If you know there is a suspicious part of your statement, try to answer truthfully.
  • Required come on time. USCIS officers are notoriously difficult to contact and requests to change interview times are not accepted. If you do not show up for your appointment, you may have to go through a lengthy process to get through another interview.
  • Required Hire a lawyer to accompany you if the thought of going through the interview alone scares you too much.

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What not to do

  • Must not joke with a USCIS officer. In particular, avoid jokes or sarcasm related to drug trafficking, infectious diseases, bigamy, or the smuggling of people into the country.
  • Don't argue with your spouse or other family members during the interview. Agree in advance on what you will do if disagreements arise during the interview.
  • Don't argue with a USCIS officer. If a USCIS employee reports that part of your application has not been completed, ask for an explanation and try to remedy the situation using the documents and forms that you brought with you.
  • Do not lose patience in communication with a USCIS officer and do not refuse to answer questions. Questions that may seem irrelevant or irrelevant to you are likely to be within the scope of USCIS policy. Just remember what the payback is for failing an interview.
  • Don't lie to a USCIS officer. If you feel that it is difficult for you to explain something, do not lie. You'd better hire a lawyer. Your lawyer should be able to handle difficult situations during the interview.
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