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Italian, French, Spanish: where to learn foreign languages ​​in New York


Olga Derkach

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If your knowledge of a foreign language is limited to food, beer, and asking where the toilet is, you might want to sign up for courses to brush up on and improve your knowledge. Sure, there are apps that can help you learn, but there's nothing like talking to a real person to learn a new language. Edition Time-out has collected the best places to study in New York that offer high-quality training both in person and online.

Whether you choose French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese or Gaelic, even an introductory language course will give you the confidence to strike up a simple conversation.

Once you develop your new language skills, stay on the path to self-improvement by attending more classes. New York City has a range of opportunities for you to work on new skills and hobbies, from cooking and pottery classes to dance classes and more.

1. Coucou French Classes

With our French lessons at Coucou Brooklyn, you'll learn more than just the conjugations of etre and avoir. This language center is all about cultural education, so you'll also learn about Parisian bars and the 35-hour work week. Continue learning after class by watching a French film or a magazine from Coucou's extensive library.

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2. Sign Language Center

Some estimates put at least 500 people in the United States using American Sign Language (ASL), other sources say the figure is actually closer to 000 million. In any case, ASL is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the country. You'll learn sign language quickly during the six-week beginner's course at the Sign Language Center, and learn more about the deaf community while you're there.

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3.ABC Languages

There really is something for everyone at this language school. First, choose which of the 15+ languages ​​you want to learn - the teachers teach everything from Arabic to Polish. You can then choose from short workshops, group sessions, or individual sessions. Since past clients of ABC Languages ​​have included the FBI, the College Board, and Uma Thurman (who are responsible for her impeccable Japanese dialogue in Kill Bill), you know these classes must be pretty good.

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4. Collina Italiana

Lovers of fine wines, fresh pasta, and the dolce vita will want to take classes at Collina Italiana, the Upper East Side's Italian language and cultural hub. Morning classes will start with coffee, while students can enjoy a glass of prosecco in the evening classes. Whether you sign up for the more intensive 10-class program or the XNUMX-week one designed to prepare you for your trip to Italy, you are sure to come out of the program with the ability to say more than just grace.

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5. French Institute Alliance Française

Half language school, half arts union, Alliance Française offers everything from immersive French lessons to children's cooking classes. A real gem is the 11-week French in the City course, which combines traditional classroom teaching methods with excursions to Parisian restaurants, galleries featuring French artists, and other New York cultural sites. All 60 instructors are native French speakers, you will receive a quality education no matter which class you choose.

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6 Fluent City

Although Fluent City now has branches in Boston and Philadelphia, it started out as a conversational French workshop in a tiny Brooklyn apartment. This school promises to teach you to speak another language faster than any other program, and with its experiential conversational approach, it's perfect for students who aren't big fans of book learning. Whether you choose Hebrew, Portuguese or one of the eight other languages ​​on offer, you will have an unforgettable learning experience. Classes are for 10 people.

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7. Korean Culture Center

This Korean language school is located right in the middle of Koreatown. Students learn to speak, read and write Korean in regular classes on Fridays and Saturdays and then take their developing conversational skills to the on-site Korean lounge to practice with native speakers.

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8. Irish Arts Center

Since New York City has the largest population of Irish Americans in the country, it makes sense that the city would also have its own Irish Arts Center. Reconnect with your roots with a Gaelic class. Choose an introductory lesson or a tea party and a chat to have a little chat.

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