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From New York to Boston in an hour and a half: a new high-speed train will be launched in the USA

14.05.2021, 15: 10 EST

Lyudmila Balabay

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The North Atlantic Rail (NAR) high-speed train will be able to take passengers from Boston to New York in just 100 minutes. A trip from New York to Massachusetts in less than two hours may become a reality in the near future. The details were told by the publication SecretNYC.

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The train can reach speeds of up to 200 miles (322 km) per hour and can take passengers from Boston South Station to New York Penn Station in about an hour and forty minutes. At the moment, the travel time from Boston to New York on the Amtrack Acela trains is almost four hours.

This initiative aims, among other things, to improve commuter service throughout New England and New York through a significant upgrade of the local rail system. The new NAR regional rail system will include east-west service between Boston and Springfield, which will continue to Hartford, as well as improved commuter services between Concord, New Hampshire and Boston, frequent high-speed trains between Kingston, Rhode Island, Providence and Boston, and rail connections to Pittsfield from Connecticut.

Other upgrades will include frequent train services to TF Green, Bradley, Manchester, Portland and MacArthur, as well as Logan, John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia airports.

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The project will also have many additional benefits, including the creation of tens of thousands of jobs that spur economic recovery and post-pandemic development in the region, and will help reduce pollution by reducing the number of cars on the road (many will be able to switch to trains) and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. And the electrification of existing railway systems will improve the environmental situation in regions that were previously polluted by the exhaust of diesel trains.

If approved by the government, the $ 105 billion high-speed rail project will take about 20 years, but when completed, it will connect Boston and other major New England cities to New York and facilitate travel between them.

New England lawmakers are currently trying to secure funding for the project through President Joe Biden's $ 2,3 trillion infrastructure package.

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