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A man jumped from a 15th floor balcony in front of his girlfriend who was desperately trying to save him


Alina Prikhodko

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A “depressed” cartoonist jumped to his death from the 15th floor of his Chelsea co-op building. According to New York Post, his girlfriend was desperately trying to save his life.

John Medwick is a 62-year-old artist who also worked as a copywriter for WebMD, a portal about human health and well-being. The cartoonist, who received commissions from private clients, had been "depressed" recently, police said.

His 45-year-old girlfriend woke up and saw him standing at the window of their 15th floor apartment and rushed to his side to prevent him from jumping. But Medwick “slipped” out of her grasp. The girl has been living in the apartment since 2021, after they started dating. According to witnesses, she was very upset. The boyfriend jumped out of the window right in front of her eyes, and her friend could not save him. She was taken to the hospital in shock.

“I saw a girl. She looked upset. She kept saying that her legs hurt... I don’t know if she was nervous. An ambulance took her,” the source noted.

The artist's apartment was located at the back of the building. He lived at 300 W. 23rd Street for more than ten years and was a member of the co-op. Neighbors described him as a very pleasant and sociable person. As one resident said, Medwick mostly worked from home, so sometimes clients who ordered his paintings would come to him to pick up the finished work. “Medwick was a cartoonist. He also made a drawing for me. It was very nice,” he added.

A close neighbor of the deceased noticed that a few days before the tragedy an ambulance arrived, took Medvik to the hospital and brought him back. Police said they do not consider the fall to be suspicious.

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