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How to File New York Tax Returns for Free


Lyudmila Balabay

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New Yorkers with low annual incomes (up to $59 for an individual or up to $000 for a family) are eligible for free tax return assistance. Mayor Eric Adams spoke about this in more detail in a short column. Below is a translation of his speech in the first person

The working class is the backbone of New York's economy. This city was built by people like my mother, Dorothy Mae Adams. She is a single mother who worked several jobs to support her five children. Adams sacrificed everything for us, and I know thousands of New Yorkers are doing the same for their families today. My administration has been defending the interests of these people from the first days of its work.

We made the city safer, created 270 private sector jobs, and established a first-of-its-kind minimum wage for delivery workers.

In 2023, we broke the record for the fastest rate of affordable housing creation, providing subsidized apartments to more New Yorkers than in any other year in the city's history.

On the subject: Federal authorities want to reduce the tax burden for New Yorkers

We have lowered the cost of child care for working parents, increased public school enrollment, improved school test scores, and revolutionized English language teaching.

Jobs are up, crime is down, and streets are cleaner, but we know New Yorkers still face financial hardship. That's why we are constantly looking for ways to help them.

In particular, they made it easier for low-income New Yorkers to file tax returns.

How to File New York Tax Returns for Free

NYC Free Tax Prep – service for free filing of tax returns. It is available to New York residents with the following 2023 incomes:

  • up to $85 if filing a double return;
  • up to $59 if you file an individual return.

New Yorkers will get free help preparing and filing their returns at any tax assistance office in the five boroughs or online. Some of these offices offer tax services for self-employed New Yorkers (freelance workers, freelancers and small business owners). Details – here.

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New Yorkers must make an appointment in advance with NYC Free Tax Prep on this site. You must bring your ID and proof of income with you. If you choose online assistance, you can upload your documents online and meet virtually with a tax professional who can help you prepare your return.

Select New York City Health + Hospitals locations also offer free in-person and virtual return preparation services. These offices offer tax advice in Spanish, Chinese and other languages. Details and addresses of branches - here.

Free tax preparation is another way our administration is helping New York's working class.

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