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How gubernatorial candidates want to improve New York


Nadezhda Verbitskaya

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The names of famous New York heavyweight politicians seem to be a thing of the past. At various times, the city was ruled by Rudy Giuliani, Michael Bloomberg. Now New York is headed by Eric Adams. Well, everything seems to be clear with the mayors. The name of the mayor of New York is still on the rumor, which cannot be said about the governor. But in general, a lot depends on the head of state. On November 8, the New York gubernatorial election will take place. Only two candidates remained. Here everything is according to the classical scheme: Democrat Kathy Hokul and Republican Lee Zeldin. “The Bureau“, a Russian-language news channel about New York, found out what the chances are for each of the candidates. And can a Democratic New York be led by a Republican.

This is not Russia for you. In America, governors are not appointed, but elected. However, the current head of state, Kathy Hokul, became governor automatically, as she was deputy Andrew Cuomo. After accusations of harassment, the 56th governor was forced to resign. So the people did not even choose Hokul. She is, as they say, a typical careerist apparatchik. She was raised in a working-class Irish Catholic family.

Hank Schinkopf, political strategist: “Katie Hokul is awesome! She's so pissed off from Buffalo, from the so-called south Buffalo political circle. She is a fighter. Very purposeful. It can be compared to a person who wakes up every morning and proudly goes to work. Hokul is a very serious person, very tough, dedicated to his work. And now she has become the first female governor in the history of New York. Most likely, the people will support her candidacy in the upcoming elections.”

Lee Zeldin climbed the political Olympus in 2015, becoming the New York Republican congressman. He is a doctor of law and a great family man. He and his wife are raising two daughters. It is a myth that Zeldin has Russian roots. The Republican hit the top news a few days ago. During the election campaign, he was attacked by an army veteran. Lee Zeldin then escaped with a slight fright. But the attacker now faces up to 10 years in prison. Republican candidate Zeldin is now accompanied by security: at least 5 security personnel.

Now gubernatorial candidates are trying to flicker with the people as often as possible.

What is the main problem in New York? New Yorkers answer this question right off the bat: high crime rates. Recently, the number of crimes excluding murders in the city has increased by 37% compared to last summer. And they blame the tax law. Its essence is simple: if a person has committed a non-violent crime, then the judge can release him without bail. Allegedly, such a suspect may not have money.

Lee Zeldin: “I think the deposit should be returned. There is a lot of data. We just saw the story when 500 offenses were committed by 10 people, can you imagine? Ten people committed half a thousand crimes. And this is simply because the suspects were released without bail.”

On the subject: A New York gubernatorial candidate was attacked during a rally: the attacker tried to stab him with a knife

Mayor Adams now wants to address this issue and define clear criteria for crimes. And thus, not only those who have committed violent crimes, but also those who threaten public safety should remain in custody. New York Mayor Eric Adams, a party member of Katie Hokul's, suggested that the governor discuss the controversial bail law. However, Kathy Hokul is ignoring this offer so far. Perhaps now she is afraid of losing left-wing voters.

Hank Schinkopf, political strategist: “Kathy Hokul doesn't do very well in suburban New York because of crime. She can't handle upstate. We don't see it as clearly in New York as it does in other areas. You have police officers being shot and killed, and in places where this should not be. Crime is also on the rise in the suburbs. As a rule, people understand that there will always be crime in big cities. But everyone, without exception, does not want this. People don't want crime around them. So this is a problem for Hokul.”

The reputation of Kathy Hokul was spoiled by another story. She appointed Brian Benjamin as her deputy. True, he worked for a short time - only a few months. Law enforcement authorities suspected him of taking bribes. As a result, Benjamin had to resign.

The right to guns is another sore subject for Americans.

Here, too, Republicans are reminding voters that Gov. Katie Hokul quickly changed her shoes. After all, for 10 years she held conservative views on the issue of gun control. However, after the shooting in Buffalo, Kathy Hokul immediately signs a law that limits the age of buyers of semi-automatic rifles from 21 to 18 years.

Here is what Zeldin suggests: “Judges should have the discretion to assess the degree of crime and the risk of a suspect's flight. And don't let him go. Judges don't do that now. We see how people with a criminal record go free and commit crimes again. We need to ensure safety on our streets, in the subway. We must support law enforcement.”

Of course, Zeldtn's opponent-Hokul shows the people that he is also trying to protect the people from criminals. But so far it hasn't worked. But in other matters, Katie Hokul has much to be proud of. Take Pennsylvania Station for example. The governor has already signed all the documents for its reconstruction, which is $22 billion. Half of this amount will be covered by the federal budget.

Many Car Owners Thank Governor Hokul For Eliminating Gasoline Tax

Thus, since the beginning of summer, drivers save 4 cents on every gallon (almost 16 liters).

Immediately after the decision of the Supreme Court to abolish women's constitutional right to abortion, Kathy Hokul stood up for New Yorkers. “Because I am the first woman to serve as governor of New York, I take this to heart. This is a fight that I am ready to fight not only on behalf of all the women of the state, but also on behalf of the women of the whole country. I will not back down, I promise you that as long as I am governor, I will stand up for women's abortion rights. Because generations have fought for this right, and New York State has led the movement every step of the way, we were the trailblazers.”

While Hokul is fighting for women's rights, the Republican Zeldin is already speaking in Brighton. As you know, most immigrants from the former union support conservative views. On the impromptu stage next to Zeldin, you can see Russian-speaking politicians.

The alignment of political forces between Republicans and Democrats in Brighton and other areas of New York may still change. Election Day is only 3 months away, so the battle for New York is in full swing.

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