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What are the names of children in New York: there are unexpected names on the list


Alina Prikhodko

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Of the nearly 100 babies born in New York in 000, the most popular names were Emma for girls and Liam for boys, reports New York Post. The name Liam became popular back in 2016, and Emma - since 2017.

According to the data, 2022 babies were born in New York in 99, with an almost equal number of boys and girls - 459 and 50, respectively. Of these babies, 595 were named Emma and 48 were named Liam. The top names for girls included Mia, Olivia, Sophia and Leah, and for boys - Noah, Ethan, Lucas and David.

“What makes our city special are the New Yorkers big and small who call the five boroughs home,” Health Commissioner Dr. Ashwin Vasan said in a statement. – Welcome Emma, ​​Liam, Mia, Noah and all the other newborns to New York. Our city and the world will be better for your presence in the new year and beyond.”

However, the Department of Health noted that if the name Sophia, ranked 4th most popular, also included children named Sofia, it would become the most popular name, No. 1 on the list of most popular names.

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There are other surprises in the birth certificate records, including a trend that the Department of Health described as reflecting an “inside view”: the names Serenity (No. 82), Journey (No. 110) and Justice (No. 141). In addition, with the names Heaven (No. 111) and Orion (No. 127), the agency expressed “hope for a heavenly destiny.”

Other newborns were given royal names - Prince, Princess, Majesty, King and even Khaleesi - in honor of the television series Game of Thrones. “Adventure” became a recurring theme, with names including Maverick (No. 117), Ocean (No. 124), Artist (No. 142), Princeton (No. 143), Denver (No. 143) and Saint (No. 104).

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Parents often turned to nature in their choice of names for girls: Luna - No. 9, Lily - No. 25 and Rose - No. 52. Jade, a name that experts say will be popular in 2024, took 59th place. “Today's parents are obsessed with conveying the right message through the names they choose,” said Pamela Redmond, founder of Nameberry, a global site dedicated to names.

“The ideal baby name in 2024 is one that is ahead of fashion trends, has individual meaning and defines personality,” she explained. Among boroughs, Manhattan had the most babies born (39), followed by Brooklyn (320), Queens (23), the Bronx (318) and Staten Island (20).

“These names reflect what happens to people when it comes to birth,” said Gretchen Van Wy, assistant commissioner of the city's Bureau of Vital Statistics. “We see what parents are thinking.”

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