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How to open a business in the USA: a cheat sheet for an immigrant


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For several years now, America has been one of the top ten countries where it is easy to do business. This is explained by the fact that the state imposes low taxes on entrepreneurs and also provides preferential programs to help develop small businesses in the United States.

Open your business in the USA Any person legally present in the country can, regardless of whether he is a resident or not. The location of the company is important. That is, it does not matter whether you founded a coffee shop or a dairy - the laws of each individual state determine the amount of taxes that must be paid.

The editors of ForumDaily decided to understand in more detail the nuances of opening a company in America and turned to experts for help BAZAAR, a portal for immigrants. What came of it - read on.

Delve deeper into American culture

In the States, innovation and the desire for development are valued, so entrepreneurs expect not only high productivity from their teams, but also visible results. Unlike other countries, American employers do not emphasize age and cultural fit, but rather pay attention to personal progress and individual abilities.

Business communication within a company requires conciseness and transparency. Complex word forms and combinations of phrases in order to impress colleagues and management will not produce the desired effect. Punctuality in a business society is a priority. No wonder the expression “time is money” originates here! Addressing employees and management by name is part of the informal tone of the country's culture.

Getting to know and adapting to cultural aspects will help not only to understand the intricacies of the local labor market, but also to improve communication with clients and partners. This has a positive impact on business.


Learn and improve English

Without knowledge of the language open a business in the USA extremely problematic. It’s not hard to guess that all business processes and communications should be in English, since the country’s target audience is Americans. The same applies to expanding your customer base - consumers need to correctly convey the purpose of your activities.

It is important not only to acquire basic knowledge, but also to delve into professional concepts. This is at a minimum necessary for communicating with partners and colleagues in the “same language”, and at a maximum – for competent planning and attracting profit.

Useful resources for learning English:

Invest in marketing and company development

If your goal is profitable business in the USA, then you must understand that effective advertising is the driving force of success. You can introduce consumers to products and services in different ways, for example, through the company’s website and popular social networks.

In addition to your Instagram profile, create a personal LinkedIn account. People want to get to know better who is at the head of the company, his values ​​and preferences. Moreover, on social networks you can communicate with your customers, which means you can understand all their needs.

It will be especially useful to post information about the company on various bulletin boards and specialized platforms. For example, the online resource BAZAR has combined companies offering their services to immigrants into a convenient catalog. Here you can find all the necessary specialists - from repairmen and manicurists to realtors and accountants.

Use the services of a lawyer

Strict compliance with the law is the key to the confident development of your business. That is why almost every entrepreneur who opens your business in the USA, immediately hires a lawyer to form the legal structure of the company. Initially, the need for his presence is not related to the protection of your business; in this case, he acts as an accompanying person in legal matters. For example, helps in drawing up contracts and provides consultations.

Moreover, federal, state and local laws have some differences in which lawyer and helps you figure it out.

Always have the necessary documents with you

Legal management business in the USA for immigrants only possible if you have the appropriate documents. This applies to absolutely everyone – residents and non-residents of the country.


The list of documents may differ in each state, but the basic package includes:

  • Business plan. Simplify the perception and understanding of activities by management, investors and financial partners. As a rule, it contains a description of the company and its organizational structure, market analysis, products and services sold, mission, goals, marketing and financial plans.
  • Non-disclosure agreement. Protects the confidentiality of corporate and proprietary information. By signing the document, the employee guarantees the safety of data within the company.
  • Employment contract. Acts as a contract regulating the working relationship between the entrepreneur and the employee.
  • State permits and licenses. They serve as a permit to conduct business, since unlicensed activities are punishable by law. Each state sets its own requirements for licenses and determines their validity periods.
  • Federal Tax ID. Allows you to conduct business activities, namely, pay taxes, hire employees, open bank accounts.

To correctly prepare these documents, you need to seek help from lawyers.

How to open a business in the USA, and is this realistic for an immigrant?

The state provides maximum opportunities to businessmen. Reduced tax rates and preferential programs are available to everyone - both citizens of the country and foreigners.

In order for the activity to bring success, and along with it pleasure, it is necessary to become familiar with the culture and mentality of the Americans. This will allow you to better understand the main vector of your activity – the end consumer. For the same reason, it is important to know at a professional level the language your clients speak and improve it.

To open business in the USA, immigrants should prepare in the legal aspect. Illegal business can entail material losses in the form of legal penalties and fines.

Remember that everything is in your hands, the main thing is to think through all the nuances of conducting commercial activities in advance.

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