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How to protect a Christmas tree from a cat: life hacks that will save your pet and Christmas decorations


Alina Prikhodko

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On the eve of the Christmas holidays, some people have a difficult question: a cat or a Christmas tree? It seems that they cannot be together on the same territory - someone will definitely suffer, first of all, the human nervous system. Zaxid I’ve put together a few simple ways to help protect your Christmas tree from cat attacks.

Perhaps the animal will not be happy about this, but it will soon find other entertainment. And you can admire your Christmas tree without having to keep the veterinarian's number handy.

Why cats love Christmas trees

A living Christmas tree with colorful and shiny decorations is every cat’s dream. After all, you can jump on it, climb, or you can chew on twigs and toys, play with balls and rain, that is, you can fully realize all your cat’s wild instincts.

Why is a Christmas tree dangerous for a cat?

First, the essential oils contained in the needles and branches of a living tree are poisonous to cats. Even the water in which a tree stands can poison a fluffy who wants to try it.

Secondly, if the tree falls, it will injure the pet. “Rain” can cut the mouth, get stuck in the animal’s gastrointestinal tract, injure its internal organs, and electric garlands are fraught with burns or even an electric shock if the cat chews through the wires.

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Then, instead of a family dinner, you will have to urgently look for a veterinarian and spend a large amount of money on treatment. Not to mention the stress for the animal and its family.

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What to do to prevent the cat from climbing the Christmas tree

Cats, people and Christmas trees have lived together for centuries. Therefore, there are ways to protect yourself. It is not necessary to hang the tree from the ceiling or put a high fence around it. Tips to help you:

  • Buy or take out a Christmas tree from the pantry a few days before you plan to decorate it - this way the cat will get used to it and, perhaps, even lose interest and will not jump on the decorated tree;

  • Make sure that the tree has a strong and stable support so that the cat cannot turn it over;

  • Place the tree away from furniture that the cat could use as a springboard to jump onto the tree;

  • If the tree is standing in water, cover the container with a cloth and place gifts or heavy decorations on top so that the cat does not drink water;

  • Cats do not like the smell of citrus fruits, so you can create a protective circle of tangerine skins around the Christmas tree;

  • Cats don't like aluminum foil either - lay it around the tree;

  • You can put pine cones around the tree and first sprinkle them with apple cider vinegar - your pet won’t like this smell either;

  • Hang expensive and glass toys closer to the top so that it is more difficult for the cat to reach them, or better yet, replace them with decorations without hooks or small parts;

  • Replace the “rain” with paper garlands - the cat can digest them if he swallows them;

  • Electrical garlands should be hidden deep in the branches so that the pet cannot reach them, and the wires should be in special protection that cannot be chewed;

  • Spray the tree with cat repellent spray, which can be found at a pet store or veterinary pharmacy.

These protective measures will not spoil the appearance of the forest beauty, but will only protect her from the cat, and the cat from problems. In addition, it is better to choose a small artificial tree - it will be easier to remove if the cat does turn it over, and there is less risk of injury to the animal. The main thing is that no matter what happens, try to remain calm and love your furry.

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