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Eight inexpensive professional courses that bring good income


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Many people wonder how they can improve their earning power, especially if they don't have youhigher education or work experience. There are many professions that only require a certificate or license. But getting them can be expensive. Lifehacker talks about relatively inexpensive professional courses that can help in a successful career.

Obtaining a license is the key path to good life, but it takes a lot of time and money. Although not every professional The courses are prohibitively expensive.

Drone pilot

  • Course fees: $ 225.
  • Potential salary: $ 98 249.

A career as a drone pilot feels like a glitch in the matrix. Chances are, if you're good at video games, you could be a good drone pilot. This career path generates six-figure incomes on average.

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To become a certified drone pilot, you'll need a Part 107 certificate, which costs just $175. If you need help passing the exam, the drone flying course will cost about $50 more, bringing the total cost to $225. You'll probably need a drone for practice, which will be even more expensive.

A logical question is who hires drone pilots. Key industries that need these skills include photography businesses (including real estate), film, television and surveying companies.

Home inspector

  • Course fees: $500–$800.
  • Potential salary: $ 48 000 to $ 78 000.

Home inspectors are always in demand because people are constantly buying houses and they are worried about the purchase. While experience in construction or home maintenance can give you an advantage, it is not always required. Some states don't even require a high school diploma to certify you as a home inspector.

All you need to do is take an inspector education course that costs between $500 and $800, pass your state's exam, and start your business. How much you will earn is entirely up to you. The range is typically $48 to $000 per year. It depends on how many checks you can do each day.

Real estate agent

  • Course fees: $ 1325.
  • Potential salary: $ 139 286.

Real estate often seems like everyone's backup career option. Lost your job? Retired? Get into real estate! Getting a license is not difficult and there is potential for big money. The key word here is “potential”. Real estate is not a magical journey where money falls from the sky. Most new real estate agents work for brokers who sponsor them. They often start their work with the lowest paying targets.

But getting a real estate agent license isn't all that expensive - about $1325 including fees, and the average income is just under $140. The only catch is that there's a lot of knowledge required to pass this exam, so be prepared to learn.

Emergency Medical Technician

  • Course fees: From $ 1000 to $ 2000.
  • Potential salary: $ 98 000.

Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) are an integral part of the emergency medical care system. These are the people who arrive in an ambulance and offer emergency stabilizing care while you are taken to the hospital. This type of work is intense and stressful, but the pay can reach six figures.

Getting certified as a paramedic is also not a big deal if you can master the necessary skills and knowledge. Most courses cost between $1000 and $2000. If you have a passion for serving your community and saving lives, this certification will provide you with an excellent return on investment.

Funeral director

  • Course fees: from $4000 to $21.
  • Potential Salary: $64.

Being a funeral director isn't everyone's cup of tea, and getting a license will cost a little more than the other certifications on this list (up to $21 depending on the program). Obviously, being a funeral director is not a job for everyone, and obtaining a license can cost a pretty penny (up to $000 depending on the program). Although the salaries of these professionals are not the highest (averaging just under $21 per year), funeral directors will never be out of work.

Clinical Coding Specialist

  • Course fees: $ 3564.
  • Potential Salary: $48.

Billing for medical services involves knowing how to code them correctly so that insurers and health systems can bill for them correctly.

This is a very precise job, but anyone can do it if they put in the effort and receive the proper training. Although the average salary is just under $50, it is an up-and-coming industry. Obtaining a two-year certification to work there usually costs less than $000, and is a sound investment.


  • Course fees: $10+.
  • Potential salary: $ 57 060.

Just because your friends tell you that you have "magic hands" doesn't mean you're ready to just open a massage therapy business. To become certified as a massage therapist in most states, you must complete 500 (or more) hours of training. And compared to other programs, it is not that cheap - at least $10. You can expect an average income of about $000.

Air traffic controller

  • Course fees: from $10 to $000.
  • Potential salary: $ 129 750.

You could become an air traffic controller, responsible for preventing air disasters and aircraft collisions. Becoming a dispatcher is relatively easy. You don't need an advanced degree, although obtaining one is often helpful. You must complete a training course offered by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and pass an exam.

Technically, you can become an air traffic controller without any degree if you pass the exam. But usually it is necessary to either undergo training (for example, during military service) or complete at least a two-year university program.

The FAA has a list of approved schools on its website. Total costs sometimes reach up to $35, but can reach $000, and the average salary for air traffic controllers is $10.

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