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Clinic in New York performs penis enlargement procedure: it can grow by 5 cm


Alina Prikhodko

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In search of self-confidence and improving their sexual skills, men are turning to a new method of penis enlargement. An innovative procedure allows you to increase the size of the penis up to five centimeters, and it is done in New York. The publication told about the new fashion for injections for penis enlargement New York Post.

“I feel like I'm holding a baseball bat,” says 25-year-old Carlos M. of his penis after enlargement.

He visited Lushful Aesthetics, a cosmetic medicine clinic in New York City that performs penis enlargement, among other things.

Carlos is one of many men who are empowering themselves, in every sense of the word, with hyaluronic acid filler injections. These procedures do not require surgery and, unlike more invasive implant methods, are reversible. In this case, the effect persists for about a year.

“Now it’s a real mania,” said Lushful Aesthetics founder Dr. Chris Bustamante, a board-certified MD specializing in aesthetic medicine.

His clients (not only popular porn stars, but also ordinary hard workers) all rejoice at the opportunity to reach a new level of sexuality.

For example, porn actor Ray Dexter decided to make his penis even bigger, although he already has a rather big one. The actor underwent a series of procedures with Bustamante and was able to increase the girth (yes, we were not mistaken, it was the girth) of his penis from 16,5 cm to 19 cm. How the procedure affected his career is not clear, but Dexter said that he was personally very satisfied result, like most of his fans.

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The secret of the revolutionary procedure

Hyaluronic acid is a chemical substance that is present in our body (in the fluid of the eyes and joints). This makes it more biocompatible with the body than silicone and other implants.

“The advantage of using a hyaluronic acid filler is safety because hyaluronic acid is familiar to our body,” explained Dr. David Shafer, a New York-based board certified plastic surgeon.

This is what he invented SWAG (Shafer Width and Girth) - a procedure for penis enlargement through injections.

William Moore, co-founder phallofill, a penis enlargement specialist based in Dallas, said he began injecting his friends and acquaintances in 2020. He now has 16 franchises across the country.

Features of the procedure

The demand for penis enlargement appeared in 2016, but in 2023 the popularity of the procedure has increased dramatically.
Prices for the service range from $11 to $000 for a full course of treatment. Sometimes it may take 20 to 000 injections to achieve the desired size.

Fillers are more effective and safer than other dubious methods, such as transferring fat from the abdomen to the penis, which can cause scarring, unevenness, and erectile dysfunction. There is also a procedure where a silicone implant is placed under the skin of the penis. Side effects from this include erosion or adhesion, where the implant sticks to the skin inside the penis and thins the tissues, potentially causing an infection.

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There are also dubious penis enlargement procedures that can actually make it smaller. For example, cutting the ligament above the penis can paradoxically reduce its size.

So injections based on hyaluronic acid are a very harmless option.

Proper care

According to PhalloFILL's Moore, their technique can add about an inch in girth after three to four sessions. The increase is from 2,5 to 6 millimeters per procedure.

With proper care, this thickness can last approximately three years. However, Moore recommends yearly adjustments to maintain the desired size.

Dr. Shafer, the genius of SWAG, advises his patients to have injections every year to maintain the result. He compares it to filling up a car's tank, not waiting for it to be completely empty before refueling.

After the procedure, special care is required, especially due to the possibility of bruising and swelling. Dr. Bustamante of Lushful Aesthetics strictly insists that for 24 hours after the procedure, patients do not touch or stimulate their genitals, except for the necessary trips to the toilet.

Patients should refrain from sexual activity for two weeks after the procedure. However, Dr. Schaefer believes that SWAG patients can resume sexual activity as early as 48 hours.

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Side effects and limitations

The use of fillers for penis enlargement is not without negative consequences, including rare but serious complications such as tissue necrosis.

In addition, not everyone can carry out this procedure. SWAG is prohibited for smokers and people taking blood thinners. Ironically, patients with so-called micropenises are considered unsuitable candidates.

“Moderate enlargement can be achieved, but for this you need to have enough space for the filler to be inserted,” Schaefer explained. “If there is no canvas, you cannot paint a picture.”

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