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When to remove the Christmas tree: there is a traditional date for this, keeping the tree after which is a bad omen


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The new year has arrived and the holiday season is officially over. Ahead is the dismantling of the Christmas tree and other decorations. Tradition says the "correct" time to remove decorations is the Feast of the Epiphany, which marks the official end of the Christmas season, reports WWLP.

If you don’t know when to remove the Christmas tree, you need to turn to traditions.

How long can a Christmas tree stand?

Most people don't know that the 12 days of Christmas (yes, from the popular Christmas song) actually begin on Christmas Day. They end on January 6, the feast of the Epiphany - the date when the Three Kings (three pagan magician kings, and in the Orthodox tradition - pagan priest-magi) arrived to deliver their gifts to the newborn Jesus.

On the subject: What to do with the Christmas tree after the holidays, and how the tree from Rockefeller Center is disposed of

This is why, according to Christian tradition, the Christmas season ends on January 6th, and that is when the tree and other decorations should be removed. Some people believe that leaving them after this date is a bad omen. The 12-day rule also applies to those who celebrate Christmas on January 7th. They need to remove the tree on January 19th.

But there are other considerations to keep in mind. If you have a living tree, be sure to water it with plenty of fresh water. If you notice that it has become dry and brittle, or the needles have fallen off, it may cause a fire, so it is recommended to remove it.

When to remove your decor is largely a personal choice. According to a 2022 Opendoor survey, 84% of people put down their Christmas decorations sometime in January, and 51% take them down on or around New Year's Eve. Some people leave them until spring because we could all use some extra cheer.

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